Restarting the TLP Alliance Come Launch

A quick announcement for all concerned:

We will be running our own alliance, as primary alliance administrators. At first we will just be by ourselves or perhaps with some of our old allies, as alliances cost 250,000 silver to create, and then will only be adding guilds that can adhere to our Alliance Charter and Alliance Rules. Collectively working together by identifying guild strengths and weaknesses so that we can more cohesively push forward our goals will be the best way that we can ally together against the bigger, zergier, guilds.

In our time for Beta 1 and Beta 2, we ran the Rest in Pieces [RIP] alliance pretty fantastically until we died off due to the usual “beta burnout” in both those betas.  This beta we decided to try to once again join our old friends, the Undead Lords, in their alliance Exodia.  I feel I did my very best this beta to keep the allies together, keep up all the stations for allies to use after they were transferred to me, tried my earnest to defend the city of Caerleon (successfully three times over – held it for 1.5 months!)

The other alliances out there that are poorly managed, not very well organized, and have no structure or goals.  We aim to change that since we’ve been running alliances for nearly two decades, successfully. The TLPA was first created in Ultima Online, when we united (under our original name Children of Darkness) nearly 90 evil RP guilds under one theme or Order vs. Chaos when they removed that system from the game yet people still wanted to participate in it. We next moved the concept to our re-branding game, Dark Age of Camelot, where we helped 20 guilds hold on to 4 of our relics for Midgard on the Lancelot server.  No small feat considering we were the underdogs and truth be told, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We’re comfortable as the underdogs… we thrive as the underdogs… we work harder, faster, and smarter as the underdogs. And the underdogs we’re sure to be here.

We will once again be running our own alliance Discord Server, just like we run several others for all our chapters, where all our allies can unite and cooperate.  We hope to see some of the old guilds from our beta alliance RIP rejoin us here.

Now, let’s go kill shit!

<3 Dani


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