Black Desert Online Launches, TLP Settles on Orwen

Join us on Black Desert Online as we conquer the hordes and have a ton of laughs along the way.  We will be setting up home on the Orwen Server with two chapters; one for our more casual folks and one for our hardcore folks.  We’re just getting set up here with our new site and will be having forums and such for both chapters.  News feed will display news for both chapters with a delineation of Team 1 and Team 2, 1 being the casual to moderate chapter.


TLP Black Desert Online on Edan Server, Eilion #1 For Closed Beta

Welcome to all our members that have joined us in our newest chapter, Black Desert Online. TLP-BDO will be focusing on the casual to average player that enjoys PvE and a bit of PvP.

We are all psyched for CBT2 and then official release on March 3rd!


<3 Dani