TLP New World Prep for Open Beta on 9/9/21

TLP’ers, join us on Saturday, September 4th at 2 PM PST / 5 PM EST to review our plans for Open Beta and solidify our efforts along with other allies. We still have our primary plan in place and this is our chance to test it out. Below is a reminder of what we want to try to accomplish. For Open Beta, we will be launching on the HELIOPOLIS server. The server names will more than likely change come launch and we’ll have to revisit.


1) Stay in your starting zone and get to level 8-9 ASAP, chose the selected faction.
2) Do not put too much into the storage at your starting point.
3) Save all your gold, you will be asked to donate most of it to be able to claim Windsward.
4) Sell items on the auction house that you do not use or cannot salvage.
5) Salvage all the armor/weapons you get to be able to get a healthy stash of repair parts.
6) Sell resources you will not use, resources you can gather (like water), and fish (especially oil).
7) Once you officially join the guild, deposit as much of your saved gold as you can into the treasury. This will be used to purchase Windsward.


WHEN: Saturday, September 4th @ 2 PM PST / 5 PM EST / 10 PM UTC
WHERE: Discord
1) Get everyone into Discord.
2) Review our plans for the 9th.
3) Get the recruitment efforts started/continues and enlist the help of all our members.
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