Congratulations RATEL!!


TLP’s RATEL raid group completes Alexander Savage!!!


Without a doubt, this group deserves a big round of applause for all their hard work, many late raid nights, and the challenge that comes with the highest tier of raiding competition available in FFXIV. RATEL is named after a new group of friends that combined powers with TLP under once FC heading. They now raid with us and are very valued friends. We are very proud to celebrate this accomplishment with them!!!

A big thanks goes out to all the players involved, and especially to all those who have helped lead either in the present or the past.

Verus, Mike and Reggie! THANK YOU!!!

If you’d like to raid with us in 4.0, we’ll soon be starting a linkshell for FC members that specifically want to try to get their foot into raiding for 4.0!!! Anyone regardless of level will be able to express their interest! We’ll post more info soon!

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