Wanna Be a Host?

be-a-host-graphicEver thought about hosting a great talk show or game show?  Well now you can and you can leave all the technical work to us!  Come and be a host or co-host for one of our shows!  We have the streamer focused Titans Talk Show that is always looking for great co-hosts from within our #TeamTLP stream team! And then there are new shows we’re looking to create and launch real soon.  The Olympians Death Match and the Godly Girls’ Challenge are currently in planning and they surely need some amazing hosts!  Here are the deets:


  • Co-hosts from our stream team to chat it up with our very own, the famous, the forever funny, that Angry Asian you all know and love — InWhat123 and not to be left out,  our rambunctious, super amazing, over-the-moon talented…. Powered By Pixels.
  • The format for this show is a laid back and chilled out conversational show that focuses on the challenges that streamers face and the streamer life.
  • There is a total of 2 main hosts and 2 rotating co-hosts for every show.
  • Runs once per month.
  • Run time is: 2-3 hours.
  • Days: Fridays or Saturdays


  • We’re looking for a great MAIN host that can quickly learn and analyze a game (any game) we throw at him or her.
  • Our show host must be able to be candid but respectful about his or her feedback.
  • Our show host will serve as a COMMENTATOR, but not a participant.
  • Co-hosts for this show are also a bonus and we will not only look to our own Stream Team but invite other people to co-host, such as game developers and publishers.
  • The format for this show is fast-paced, high energy, high stress.  It’s in fact a competition in where we throw random streamers together and give them a game to play that they may know about or they may NOT know about.  It’s a surprise!
  • Runs once per month.
  • Run time is: 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Days: TBD!


  • We’re also looking for female gamers/streamers that wish to ban together to burst through the stigma of “Twitch Girls” and can really play some League of Legends!
  • A great, energetic host with League of Legends experience for this show would be fantastic and the host doesn’t have to be female!  Just looking for someone that shares the ideals we’re trying to present.
  • We want to showcase women in a very strong light so we will be putting them together to play a League of Legends game vs. each other (3v3) and really give them a place to SHINE and show all them haters that, “Hey, girls can kick ass too!”
  • Their gaming screens will be presented in rotation, rather than their cameras. The only time we’ll be showing them is at the end when we have our “Girls Chat” section of the show! So we’re really emphasizing their gaming abilities and their amazing brains!
  • RIOT Games might even send us their own co-hosts!
  • We’re certainly starting with LoL but yes, we will be adding more games that are conducive to this type of set up.
  • Runs once per quarter (so 4 times a year).
  • Run time is : ~ 2 hours.
  • Days: TBD!


In all there is a LOT of great things happening for us in #TeamTLP and if you believe, you will receive.  Stay tuned for more great stuff coming our way!  <3 Dani


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