First Guild Meeting on 6/21 @ 9 PM EST

Hello folks, please try to make our very first guild meeting on Tuesday 6/21 @ 9 PM EST here on Discord. We will be talking about the following topics:

💥 Raiding — What is needed from us and how many folks will be able to go to HFC normal, what our makeup will be, and who’s going to be leading it.
💥 The Apprentice Program — Want to help but don’t necessary want to be an officer? Be an apprentice. As an apprentice you get one small area of responsibility and focus on just that one.
💥 Legion — What is good, what is bad? Who’s switching mains, etc. Open discussion about goals for Legion.
💥 Suggestion Box — A means to submit anonymous feedback to our entire leadership team (across all chapters!)
💥 Streaming for TLP — A run down of our streaming program and how that works for all that may want to turn gaming into a career (must be 18+ in age!).
💥 Guild Rules —- A review of our guild rules and what is expected of you.
💥 Open Forum —- A few minutes for anyone to give feedback, suggestions, or air concerns.


Please do try to be there! ❤ Dani

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