Relaunch of the US Chapter on Bleeding Hollow

Welcome to the new and the old members of TLP-WoW!  We’re so glad to have you here.

We want to create something special again with WoW so we have left our home server of Mannoroth and moved over to Bleeding Hollow permanently.  The guild was officially moved with all its bank tabs and items along with my main character, Danitsia.  She was level 95 prior to the move, but I did use the level boost to 100 that comes with the upgrade to Legion since we have months to relearn our classes for those of us like me that are returning fresh to WoW.   I do recommend the boost if you can get the expansion upgrade.

This guild will comprise of many returning players that are fresh to the game and its upgrades, so it will at first have a heavy focus on re-adjustment… that includes quests, dungeons, and 10 man raids. Also many of our old players that had merged into either Predestined or had a special vye from Blizzard to move to Twisted Nether on the European servers to join up with Method.  These folks are hardcore raiders and many of them have vast experience in PvP as well.  Those folks might be getting into hardcore raiding within a short period of time.  So we will cater to both the casual to moderate and work to put together a competitive hardcore raiding team.


  • FIRST MONTH: Readjustment to the game for our returning players or any new players that join us.
    • Questing in Groups
    • 5 man Dungeons
    • Proving Grounds Testing
    • Small 10 man casual raids.
  • SECOND MONTH:  Work towards putting together one solid hardcore raiding team.
    • 25 man raiding group
    • Minimum of 3 days per week.
    • Find Good Raid Leaders
    • Find Good Class Leaders
    • Establish Fair and Just Loot Distribution
  • THIRD MONTH: Seek to put together one solid 15m group for Battlegrounds & Smaller Groups for Arenas
    • Battlegrounds first, get strong.
    • Get a set schedule of 1-2 days per week.
    • Get ranked gear.
    • Start breaking off into smaller groups for Arenas
    • Find Good PvP Leaders

These are target objectives and meant to be a guiding force on how to plan our come back on our new server; goals that we can all work to achieve. However, these goals cannot be achieved if we do not have folks willing to step into leadership roles and assist our GM and Co-GM’s in the execution of those goals.  As such we are currently also seeking officers, class leads, squad leaders, and raid leads.


  • Class Leaders
    • Typically we’d like to have one person that knows a lot about all the specializations of a class to step up as class leader.
    • Your job is simply to help aggregate content for our website (links to other sites) for your class and help new members to be the best they can be.
    • If we did go with a Loot Council,  class leaders are part of it and lead it for their class.
  • Squad Leaders
    • PvP-focused leaders that can take on battlegrounds and arenas.
    • Your job is to get schedules up for battlegrounds, lead those battlegrounds, and then also help us form arena teams.
  • Raid Leaders
    • PvE-focused leaders that can lead 10m and 25m content.
    • Your job includes the aggregation of raiding content for our website (can be links to other sites/videos), setting up the schedules for the raids, and lead the raid groups through that content.
  • Raiding Assistants
    • Helping the Raid Leaders with invites, filling in holes, and managing loot distribution.
  • Officers
    • Folks that can fill the gaps in the areas listed above and help to recruit new players to the guild.

If any of the above suits your style of game play, let us know… email me directly at

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