Ranks and Characters



Members should use their character profiles in game to describe themselves in the following manner using the details that apply to their characters:


Full Name:
Birth Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: (Human/Elf/Gargoyle: Gargoyles are restricted from being vampires, half-breeds, or werewolves)
Affliction: (Vampire/Half Breed/Werewolf/Witch or Warlock/None for Mortals)
Maker/Master/House: (Name of Your Maker for Vampires; Pack Master for Lycans; House for Witches and Warlocks; None for Mortals)
Mate: (Name of Your Mate If Any)
Guild Rank: (Your Rank)
Order House: (House which you are registered with in the Order of the Talamasca)
City: (Vamp’s Lair/Umbra Usually; Where You Live)
Age: (Your True Age)
Apparent Age: (Age You Were Turned or Appear to Be for Vampires/Half Breeds/Lycans/Witches/Warlocks/Elvish)
Masquerade Use: (% of Your Hidden Self)

A description of your characters personality, characteristics, and disposition.

Here, you will want to add any outstanding physical features that your character may have:
Vampires – While Fed:  (What you look like when you have fed recently.)
Vampires – While Hungry: (What you look like when you have not fed.)

Werewolves – Human Form: (What you look like when you are human.)
Werewolves – Wolf Form: ( What you look like when you are wolf.)
Werewolves – Rage: (What you look like when you are enraged.)


Here you will want to list your progeny or kinfolk.

You can either add your biography here or link to the biography posted in our forums.



(These characters are off limits to our gameplay for various reasons, mostly due to other members of the community having played them previously and reserved for their return.)

Akasha, Queen of the Damned, The Fount of all Vampires — it is through Akasha that vampires acquire their thirst for blood, their immortality, their ability to create other vampires, and their physiological changes that without which they would cease to exist. (Played by Pandora.)

Enkil, King of the Damned, The Gift of all Vampires — it is through Enkil that vampires acquire most of their Vampiric gifts such as heightened physicality, flight, fire, mind, etc. (Played by Pandora, Once Played by Original Marius.)

Amel, The Blood Spirit —- He infected Akasha (its a spirit that lives within Akasha, it has no viable form).

Maharet and Mekare, Ancient Vampire Twins, The First Brood — Maharet gave birth to a mortal child by Khayman prior to their turning. It is this lineage that has been known to be the foundations of the Talamasca. Maharet had her eyes taken out at the hand of the Queen, but replaces them by taking them from her victims. Mekare is a rogue ancient that lives in the wild, feeding off the blood of animals and anything that she comes in contact with; she is a mute at the hand of the Queen. They are known as The First Brood because they were the firsts to be turned by the Queen. (Both twins are reserved for Sue P.’s gameplay.)

Khayman, Ancient Vampire, The First Brood — Khayman was once the Chief Stewart of the Queen and King. He was forced to rape the twins, in which he accidentally fathers Miriam, daughter of Maharet and the origin of the “Great Family”. The Queen betrays him and turns him into a vampire against his will and in retaliation, he turns Maharet and Mekare into vampires to become The First Brood. His hope was that one day the vampires of the world would turn on the Queen and destroy her. Gentle and kind by nature, he abhors brutality and although initially he had made many vampires for his dreamed army, he has stopped doing so.  He is the maker of literally hundreds of vampires, including Mael and Magnus. (Khayman is reserved for Jim P.’s gameplay.)

Claudia — Lestat’s child progeny. She has unfortunately met her true death at the hands of Santiago by order from Armand.
Madeline — Louis’ first progeny, also met her true death alongside Claudia at the hands of Santiago by order from Armand.
Magnus — Lestat’s maker. He is dead dead by walking into the sun, driven by madness. He taught Lestat nothing, leaving him great wealth but many questions.
Santiago — Armand’s right hand man as one of the elders of the Theatre des Vampires in Paris. He met his true death at the hands of Louis due to his involvement in the burning of Claudia and Madeline.
Nicolas de Lenfent — Lestat’s mortal lover, turned vampire by Lestat himself. Increasingly agitated and loosing sanity, he demanded the Theatre vampires build him a funeral pyre and committed suicide. Nicolas’s prized Stradivarius violin, as well as an account of his death, are sent to Lestat. He keeps the instrument with him and, later, plays it for Akasha.


*** Of course any characters that have been played by members or are currently in gameplay should not be duplicated by anyone.  Anne Rice’s world is big enough to choose various other still living characters and even add you own.  Please be courteous to chat with the elder members of the guild to see which characters they have in play before you create or add a new one of your own. ***