Mary Drown



Full Name: Mary Lynn Drown
Birth Name: Mary Lynn Drown
Origin: Minoc, Sosaria
Birthday: December 19th
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker/Master/House: Marius Romanus
Coven Rank: Citizen
City: Vamp’s Lair, Umbra
Age: 29
Mortal Age:19
Masquerade Use: (% of Your Hidden Self)

Mary is a soft of heart woman, who is very lost and troubled. She never has a hateful word to say about anyone and it is rare she will speak out. She loves music of all forms, and is also beloved for her beautiful voice. Her long golden locks stand out against her porcelain skin. Her eyes are soft brown and dull with untold stories of sadness.

Vampires – While Fed: Hair is bright and golden, soft and in waves. Eyes are dull but have a soft shine of hope. her skin plump, soft and radiant.
Vampires – While Hungry: hair is dull and yellow, eyes are lifeless and depressing. her skin grey as death.


Marius Romanus- Sire

Entire Romanus Family!