Consulars are essentially the highest, most trusted members of the coven.  They are the ones who have a seat in the High Council and are appointed to serve by the Imperators. The High Council is made up of the Senior Officers and Officers of our community.  Senior Officers are responsible for the entire community (, while Officers are only responsible for this chapter. To be selected for the High Council, you have to have an in game storyline to suit your ascension and also be introduced to the matters of the TLP Community and its goals as a social society with common gaming goals.  Once you are a Senior Officer, you are granted that title indefinitely for any and all chapters that TLP spins off.

In all gameplay, Consulars feel an incredible loyalty and thus a responsibility to those in their coven and its leaders.  When Marius and Pandora are away, it is members of the Consul rank that assume authority over coven matters. Some races in game can be restricted from acting as seated members of the High Council — mostly only vampires — but it is possible to ascend to the High Council through storyline if you are  Half-breed, Lycan, Human, or other. Just because you are an Officer or higher does not mean you function in character as a seated member of the High Council.  Outside of role play, you certainly have all the rights and responsibilities of a Senior Officer or Officer.

For vampires, being a Consul is an extremely sought-after position within the coven. As a Consular you have free reign and are even encouraged to fledge other vampires. You are a SIRE and are respected as such. Your progeny in swearing fealty to you, also do so to the coven and the domain we serve. Vampires take hierarchy very seriously, its one of our Laws of Tradition. Consulars are the only rank that could ever hold a seat on the Council, thus they must have a real high sense of morals and know the Laws inside and out. They become the jury of peers for all tribunals and marshals; all legal matters. Each Consular can also have a specialty, for examples… Cherry Spy is the leader of the Beast Legionnaires (tamers), thus anyone that would want to be a tamer should align with her. Amroth is Co-Chair of the Trade and Commerce Commission, but is also a Consular. The Consular title would always be reflected first.

There are not many Lycans, Half-Breeds, Humans, or Wiccans that make it all the way up to the Consular rank, but it is not impossible. It depends on the role play.  I would imagine that it wouldn’t be very different than Vampire Consulars, they would have assume a role much like I’ve explained above.

All Consulars are required to keep the following:

– An In Character Journal Kept (FOUND HERE)

– Active Participation in Guild Storylines (FOUND HERE)

– An In Character Transcript for all High Council Meetings (Kept in the Blackwood Manor Forums; Only By Our Historians)



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