Citizens are either entry-level characters that have yet to or are in the middle of defining their stories and completing guild quests. They are also productive members of the various cities that the Children of Darkness owns. They can be nobility, shop owners, merchants, crafters, businessmen, administrators, secretaries, librarians, historians, journalists, etc. etc. They rarely if ever engage in PvM or PvP combat.

ALL Citizens can choose one of these. Members of other ranks can also be any of these.  New members must complete the following:

– An In Character Biography  (FOUND HERE)

– An In Character Journal Kept (FOUND HERE)

– Active Participation in Guild Storylines (FOUND HERE)

Lord/Lady A member of the guild that holds property estatehoods and run full households or plantations on behalf of the empire. ARTISANS might seek the investments of a LORD or LADY to start their own shops, cutting a profit margin to the lordships. To select this role, you must have prior approval from the Imperators.
Aristocrats Members of the nobility that are governed by the Lords/Ladies. A person who has the exquisite tastes, manners, etc., characteristic of members of an aristocracy. The extended families of the Lords/Ladies would be an example of this role. Aristocrats are appointed by their respective house Lords/Ladies.
Artisans members of the guild that have a direct focus on enterprise… the architects, the lumber jacks, the miners, the smiths, the armorers, the masons, the smiths, the glassblowers, etc.  An Artisan would run a shop and would employ ATTENDANTS and APPRENTICES and perhaps even seek out SEEKERS as independent contractors. They are more than likely involved in the guilds’ Trade and Commerce Commission and have shops near our CoD territories.
Seekers Highly skilled members that are self-employed… the alchemists, the thieves, the mapmakers, the treasure hunters, the animal tamers, etc. but they can also be smiths, miners, masons, etc. Seekers are often more independent and do not usually hire ATTENDANTS to work for them, at least not for a long given period of time. They are usually contracted to provide their goods and services to the different divisions of CoD.
Aspirants Members of the guild that would be skilled workers and under the tutelage of an ARTISAN. They would recieve commission profits from the work that they do.
Attendants Members that wish to take on the role of a salary worker for any of our establishments under an artisan or lordship. They can also be NPC’s that are found within our cities and shops such as Vendors or Tavernkeepers.
Commoners Members of the guild that wish to live their lives as common citizens. They may own a small, modest house within the area nearest to our territories (Vamp’s Lair, Umbra, South Jhelom, or Trinsic Hold) or find seclusion in other parts of Sosaria.  They are patrons of the establishments in the cities and often do small business with the other members or allies. They can also relatives of other citizens, such as wives, children, cousins, brothers, etc…



All members are citizens in one way or another. If you feel that your character is well suited to be any of the categories described above, you can choose to apply to this subgroup.  You can do so by replying to this thread with a synopsis of which title you’d seek to acquire and how your character will uphold their rank.  Are they going to be a shop keeper? Are they going to run a large plantation? Are they masterful artisans with several apprentices under them? Etc. etc.


Apprentice: “Of Trust and Tutelage
Seeker: “A Signed Contract
Artisan: “Of Legendary Quality
Aristocrat: “Born of Noble Blood
Lord/Lady: “A Majestic Honor


Copy and paste this format into your reply on THIS THREAD:


Character Name:

Race: (Human, Elf, Gargoyle)

Affliction If Any: (Vampire, Half-Breed, Lycan, Wiccan)

Applying for the Title Of:

Description of How Your Character Fits That Title:


*Your application will be reviewed and approved or rejected in a few days.  APPROVED applications are signaled in GREEN; REJECTED applications are signaled in RED (with commentary).



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