Laws of the Lore

Welcome to this “out of character” dissertation on how our Laws are applied to various situations.  To learn about a law, please click on one below and it will take you to details and examples where that specific  law was applied. First, you must know that these rules not only apply to not just vampires, but any supernatural or mortal that makes up part of our family.


1 ~~~ Introduction to the Masquerade

You may not reveal your true nature to anyone other than those of your House. Doing so will require the destruction of the one you enlighten, and may require your own destruction. The fact that vampires and other supernaturals are real must be hidden from mortal eyes.

2 ~~~ Respect of the Domain

Your territory is your own concern. No one may challenge you in your territory.

3 ~~~ Permission to Sire

You cannot sire a child without the permission of the elders in your House. Population control is a far more serious matter than among mortals. Having too many in your territory threatens the Masquerade and makes hunting difficult. On the other hand, having too few leaves their territory open to attack.  A balance must be struck in population vs. size of territory.

4 ~~~ Responsibility for Your Children

Any newborn made has the potential to blunder and thus bring down the masquerade. As a result, a new vampire’s sire is held responsible for that child’s behavior and actions. Any penalty the child’s behavior earns, the sire faces in full.

5 ~~~ Be Hospitable

This law allows one House to move in one another’s territory without immediately coming into conflict. It is simply a mandate for all strangers entering a territory to present themselves to the leaders of that territory. The presentation can take many forms, from a simple greeting to a recitation of one’s lineage to a demand for service while in the city.

6 ~~~ Right of Destruction

This law grants a sire the right to destroy any and all of his progeny. Within a governed House, that right has been given to the leaders of said House, who now hold the right of life and death over all of their subjects. Leaders can sentence to death any kin that would break the rules of their House by whatever means they deem necessary. All nearby Houses must adhere the call of the Bloodhunt by any other coven. No refuge is allowed.  However only a tribunal of the Order of the Talamasca can order a bloodhunt that would sentence any House leaders of territory to death.



1 ~~~ Definition

2 ~~~ Creation & Destruction

3 ~~~ Blood Bonds

4 ~~~ Bond Calls

5 ~~~ Blood Desire

6 ~~~ Release

7 ~~~ Protegos

8 ~~~ Sireal Death



1 ~~~ Definition

2 ~~~ Acquisition

3 ~~~ Use

4 ~~~ Hunting

5 ~~~ Contested Territories

6 ~~~ Common Territories



1 ~~~ Courtship

2 ~~~ Marriage

3~~~ Property

4 ~~~ Divorce



1 ~~~ Introduction to the Order

2 ~~~ Head of House

3 ~~~ Council Seat & Subseat

4 ~~~ Protection for the Bloodlines

5 ~~~ Retribution & Bloodhunts

6 ~~~ Banishment



1 ~~~ Parental Requirements

2 ~~~ Parenting Classes

3 ~~~ Selection

4 ~~~ Registration

5 ~~~ Endangerment & Attrition



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