An Unwanted Interruption

Ix-Tab1The night was beautifully filled with bright stars,  not a cloud in sight.  Even the heavens must of known the Queen would travel to Umbra for this great gathering.  Our friend Jonas Callahan had dutifully written his speech and with the assistance of Marius had finished it.  He didn’t want it to be too obvious that he was now one of our kind, so Marius helped him adjust his words.

I had spoken myself the eve’ before with Capt. Erikkson in regards to any additional security that may be needed, as our coven is closely tied to Umbra and service as its protectorate.  He assured me no additional presence would be needed, so most of our coven opted to forgo the event entirely, leaving only myself and a few other Kindred in attendance. Marius was actually excited to have such an even within the walls of Umbra.  Of course, we all know how cultured he is and this was just the opportunity he had wanted to dust off his favorite tuxedo and of course have me on his arm.  To escort me to a ball or gala was his favorite mortal pass time.

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Pirates, Vampires, and the Royal Guard

From the Children of Darkness, as reported by Lady Pandora:

The Unification of Sosaria for the Common Good began late on the eve of June 5th to defeat the menace known as Ix Tab and recover the crystal fragment that was now in her possession.  The dreaded lady had issued warnings a few nights before, as reported previously by Cherry Spy, and has plans to attack one of Sosaria’s prominent towns.  The leaders of the land were now converging upon our great capital, Britain.  Lord Kasaven would soon address us.

The room quickly filled.  Soon only standing room was available.  The pirates made their entrance, led by Hawkeye Pike, with an uncommon restraint and took their seats.  Rotep and Kodoz, elders of the Guardians, brought many of their fold prepared for the fight that would soon follow. CatLord and the RGB were also in full attendance.  We, the unwelcomed undead, stood front and center unafraid of the reactions our pale white skin and fierce eyes might get.

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Ix Tab Encounters Cherry Spy

From the Children of Darkness, as reported by Lady Cherry Spy, Legion Commander:

With a *blink*, the Dread Lady Ix Tab appeared before Cherry Spy.

“Vampires?” she asked.

Cherry Spy replied, “Yes, we have recently awoken from a deep slumber, our leader hath urged all vampires to rise and stand with the mortal legions, for a new evil is rising.”

Ix Tab snickered.

“Mortals shall be in need of our ancient power to fight against it.”  Cherry was prideful in this fact.

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