Cherry Spy


Full Name: Cherry Spy Razele
Birth Name: Cherilyn Spyergenanbaum
Origin: Germanic Saxon
Birthday:  January 1, 860 AD
Hair Color:  Fire Red
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 141 lbs.
Markings: Several scars and puncture wounds from war; most noticeably on her left side is a large gash where a sword nearly cut her in half.
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Amroth Plinius, Childe of Marius Romanus
Mate: Va’lis Razele, Married on Jan. 3rd 2015 AD
Coven Rank: Consularis, Beast Legion Commander, General of All Legions
City: Vamp’s Lair
Age: 1,156
Mortal Age: 22
Masquerade Use: 70%

Cher, as she is sometimes called, is strong-willing, extremely intelligent, and a great strategist. Which makes her perfectly suited for her post as General of All Legions.  She is outgoing, warm, very understanding, and has an old soul to her.  But do not cross her, for she is a fierce warrior specializing in duel-weilding swords and daggers in addition to almost always, while in Sosaria, having her most trusted companion, Dragula, around.  She specializes in rearing animals, serving as a veternarian back on Earth, in the zoological medical field.  Her love of animals runs deep and she would be crossed to see animals being used in a erroneous manner.  She runs an organization for the just treatment of all animals, that is not associated with PETA. She understands the need for  ranchers and does not align with PETA’s thinking that animals should not be used as a source of food.

While Fed: Flushed pink skin with a natural light tan, bright emerald green eyes, silky shiny bright red hair.

While Hungry: Pale white skin with no differential color, dull dark green brown eyes, matte dusty red hair.

=== PROGENY ===

Lucius Spy (aka Luke Spy, direct descendant)  (Descendant of Jade’s)
Cassadee Spy (aka Cassie Spy, direct descendant)  (Lucius’ granddaughter)
Erika Spy (direct descendant)  (Lucius’ granddaughter, Cassie’s younger sister)
– Mila Spy (direct descendant)  (Lars’ mother)
Lars Spy (direct descendant)  (Lucius’ Cousin) (Descendant of Ruby’s)
– Arnold Spy (direct descendant) (Lars’ brother)
– Anja Spy (direct descendant) (Descendant of Jade’s)
– Falke Spy (direct descendant) (Descendant of Emerald’s)
Harvey Daniels
– Harland Garrow
– Thomas Carter
– Jake Peters
– Andrea Thompson
– Pierceton Lamok
– Karl Guttenbürg (distant descendant)
– Alexander Guttenbürg (distant descendant)
– Rupert Guttenbürg (distant descendant)
– Astrid Guttenbürg (distant descendant)
– Arno Guttenbürg (distant descendant)

Cherilyn Spyergenanbaum was born to a man of humble beginnings but of great fame.  Her father was a great warrior hailing from the Germanic tribe of Saxony who had endured the Saxon Wars and led a vast number of his tribesmen out of Charlemagne’s grasp into the safety of exile, only to delay the ruler’s ultimate conquer of the regions. As a child she grew up as a shield maiden enthusiastically awaiting her chance at battle.  The chance would come later as she dressed in men’s clothing, cut her hair, and began her illustrious career as a lowly footsman.  No one learned of her identity until one day she was injured so gravely that the infirmary removed her battle gear to examine the wound. A minister was brought in to administer her last rites.  They told her family that it could be days before she would pass.

The minister stayed by her side, praying for her every night after her father would need to head home.  The Christianity that they had fought so hard against, now her only clinging hope.  The minister and her would talk,  talk a lot. About war, about peace, and everything in between.  But she wasn’t getting better, the gashes on her left side where the sword penetrated through her rib cage slicing upwards were not healing. The minister, now enamored with the bravery of this young woman, the conviction in her to fight despite her gender, the beauty of her face, who at such a tender young age had accomplished so much behind he cloak of a man… he knew that he would be faced with a grave, grave choice.

On the second day her father asked the minister, “What is your name, sir?  You’ve been so kind to my daughter staying with her every night after I leave. I shalln’t forget it.”  The minister answered, “Amroth de Plinius, m’lord.  I bring the word of the Lord and His many blessings.”  Blinking taken aback by the adventurous Italian that stood before him, he thought to himself, it couldn’t hurt to pray to this God like I do to the many I pray to.  He shook his hand, which felt cold and hard.  He thought, perhaps the minister had seen many times of strife and thought nothing more of it.  The next day, he made sure to bring Amroth a warm pelt to help keep him warm during the cold Saxon nights.

That night, Cherilyn took a turn for the worse.  Her life force feeling weak and distant to Amroth, he just couldn’t bare it any longer.  When the caretakers left, he whispered in her ear all night, told him who he was but more importantly what he was. A vampire. He told her in him laid the power to heal her, so he bit into his wrist and emptied his precious blood into a glass for her to drink.  And she did.

The next night, Amroth saw a miraculously healed Cherry sitting up in her bed, eating her first full meal in days.  It was a miracle everyone exclaimed! Kier Spyergenanbaum, along with his wife Kendra and their daughters Jade, Ruby, Emerald and son Erik all rejoiced and started to accept God into their lives.  Amroth became a regular fixture at dinners and soon they met his wife, Esmeralda… a Spaniard.  The two traveled far and wide, much like nomads, preaching about Jesus Christ, the son of man. Cherry of course knowing every bit that it hadn’t been God that healed her, it had been Amroth’s blood. But Amroth told her that God created him, thus indirectly God did have a hand in her recovery.

As soon as Cherry was fully healed, her ordeal no doubt leaving a permanent scar… both physically and emotionally, she approached Amroth. She wanted to know more about him, about what he is.  She learned that Esme too was a vampire, that Amroth had turned her. She learned that Amroth had what they call a “sire”… Marius de Romanus.  Soon she was very comfortable about the existence of these creatures and regarded them as humans with afflictions.  There were many of those walking around and half of them weren’t so nice.

Their friendship grew and Amroth was sent as a Minister in Battle, helping the wounded and ensuring the passage of the many.  He was very skilled in blacksmithing, so he doubled as a repairer for the varying outposts in the wars, but Amroth was also a highly skilled warrior.  Many times he picked up a sword or two and would thwart incoming attacks on the camps. He often fought side by side with Cherry, looking out for her as best as he could. After all, he had promised her father he would… “Like one of my own, sir.”

It was because of her bravery that the Saxon Army had even allowed her back at her previous rank, among the fleet of men.  She rose quick though through the ranks and the men that would once curse the Gods for her presence now respected her, followed her… she was now their Commander at just 22 years of age.  But because her fame had reached far and wide, it had made her a beaming target for her opponents.  One such battle occurred as campers slept; at night.  Amroth taking arms alongside her.  They fought best they could. Amroth had taken an oath never to reveal his true nature in public, so he had to fight alongside the others as a mortal — surely with superman strength and agility but he could not be seen.  They slaughtered the majority of the camp, as Amroth took Cherry and the few men down to the smith’s hold.  But he knew he would be outnumbered 2 to 1.

They made quick work of the others leaving Cherry, filled with rage and anger, for last.  At that moment, in that hold… Amroth unleashed his vampiric nature… “Sorry Marius.”  The last words he spoke. Cherry saw him, picked up an axe and sword near by, one in each hand and fought her way along side Amroth… who had already taken out nearly 10 of them ripping into their throats.  As Cherry turned around to warn him of the rogue at his back, one of their assailants pierced her through the back straight through her chest, tearing into her very mortal heart.  Amroth cried out, ripping the one behind him in half while decapitating the one that had brought Cherry down.  He gathered her up quickly, blood spilling from her mouth. The internal bleeding too far gone to stop.  He started to cry, stroking her hair.  He had failed to keep her safe.

With her dying breath, she said, “Make me.”  He took that as her consent, and without a moment to spare… Amroth became Cherry’s sire, her maker, and much more. Like a second father.  Cherry came home to her family three months later.  Amroth was amazed how controlled she was around them.  But then Cherry broke the vow.  She told her entire family what she was now and how she was turned into a vampire; that Amroth and Esme were vampires and had been so all along for 3 years. After the initial shock wore off, it was Jade that first spoke speaking to both Amroth and Cherry. “If I wanted this… this Gift of immortality… would you give it to me?”  And that’s how it begun.