Pandora de Romanus

Pandora de Romanus, Imperator

Full Name: Pandora de Romanus
Birth Name: Lydia Atia Pompeia Magna, daughter of the great Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus otherwise known as Pompey the Great
Origin: Roman
Birthday: Unknown, 70 BC.
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 127 lbs.
Markings:  None, absolutely flawless.
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Marius de Romanus
Mate: Marius de Romanus
Guild Rank: Imperator (Leader)
Guild Subgroup: High Council, Vice President
Order House:  House Romanus
City: Vamp’s Lair
Age: 2,086
Mortal Age: 35
Masquerade Use: 80%

Pandora, a child of two millennia, consort to her beloved maker Marius. A goddess, made of bleeding marble, a powerful beauty out of the deepest and most ancient soul of Roman Italy, fierce with the moral fiber of the old Senatorial class of the greatest Empire the Western World has ever known… her flawless face shimmers beneath a mantle of rippling pitch black hair. She seems too beautiful to hurt anyone. She is tender-voiced, with innocent, imploring blue eyes that instantly make you feel vulnerable and warm with empathy, she is a mystery….she is too ravishing for mortal males and the envy of most females. But doubt not that she is a fierce death dealer with a keen sharp strategic mind and a formidable opponent that will crush the skulls of her enemies without breaking a nail.

Pandora’s biggest flaw is her unbeating heart that beats for her beloved, Marius. She loves her family, her husband, her children, and her friends with all her might.  She has a lingering respect for all mortal life, thus treats all mortals equally giving them the chance for redemption and tribunal.  She strongly believes that without mortal contact, vampires oft go mad, losing their sanity and end up walking into the sun or worse. The connection between vampires and mortals is strong and must be respected.  Pandora has never made a fledgling that did not astutely know every aspect of the unlife; she gives the choice that was not given to her.  She abides by most of the rules that all vampires share, the Blood Bond, even though at times she may falter. She is true to her husband, having loved him since the mortal age of fifteen. And although she may often challenge him, usually ending up in an argument, she will stand by her man none the less, but she often stands her ground on coven issues.

Pandora is solely responsible for freeing the Lycans under the coven’s control.  Over the course of the millennia,  Pandora fought to improve the lifes of the former Lycans that were bound, bleed, and tortured into slavitude.  Her actions, and her apologies, were well received by the group and friendships were formed.  She treated them as people, not slaves and this was not forgotten. As a result, many of the Lycans decided to stay with the coven.  Those that did not stay, often return if their assistance is needed.


While Fed:  A light skin tone with pink undertones, dark, deep blue eyes, long layered sharply jet black hair glistens with blue highlights, nails appear normal.

While Hungry: Shockingly pale white, almost marble like. Eyes turn a light, glistening blue, hair is dull almost dirty black, nails glimmer like glass, but would be painted.

=== PROGENY ===

– Flavius Aurelius Silva
– Arjun, the Marquis a De Malvrier