Merida Douglas



Full Name: Merida Ann Douglas Razele de Romanus
Birth Name: Merida Ann Douglas
Origin: Moonglow, Sosaria/ Family Origin- Scotland
Birthday: June 5th
Lore Used: Ricean/Sosarian Based Lore
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker/Master/House: Va’lis Razele, House Razele
Mate: Armand de Romanus, Husband
Coven Rank: Prefect Legion Commander
City: Vamp’s Lair/Umbra
Age: 132
Mortal Age: 17
Masquerade Use: (% of Your Hidden Self)

Merida is a firey young woman, long flowing red hair, and silver eyes. She never backs down from anyone, and fights for what she wants in life. Scorned, Torn, and broken she moves on and creates a safe haven for children to learn, and have a home. Cold and Calculating she may look on the outside but this woman has compassion and love for those who really need it. When angered, her body grows warm as if she is on fire. Then when her anger turns to rage her entire body becomes fire itself, as if she were an elemental.


Vampires – While Fed: Stunning bright red hair, and shining silver eyes, skin keeps a soft perfect glow.
Vampires – While Hungry: Hair and eyes become dull, her skin pales and gets very moody.


Va’lis Razele- Sire/Maker/Father

Isonu- Sired Brother

Krystalee- Sired Sister

Armand de Romanus – Husband

Rose Merida Romanus – Daughter (Rosie)

Antonio Andrei Romanus – Son (Tony)

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