Vamp’s Lair

Our Player Ran City, comprised of all custom, privately owned houses.  There are a total of 10 establishments all with their own hours of operations.  Our tavern, the Bloody Brew, is open on Mondays (Member’s Only) and Thursdays (All RP’ers) at 9 PM EST.

– Romanus Manor (Private Estate)
– The Church of the Sun (Church/Reception Hall)
– The Reprieve for Resting Souls (Graveyard)
– The Encyclopedia Britannia (Rune Library/Archives/Research Lab)
– The Bloody Brew (Tavern/Inn)
– The Dark Tower (Guild Headquarters, Guild Only)
– The Millennium Nightclub (Entertainment)
– House Dilligaf (Private Estate)
– Lair’s Gateway Park (Teleporter Park)
– A Thousand Ways Park (Teleporter Park)


This NPC city is our base of operations, we hold ourselves as protectorates of the city and its people.  In character, we hold leases for several of the buildings within the city, denoted below. We often hold grand RP events here in addition to the Umbra Street Fair once a year. We also hold several player-ran establishments right out of the West Bridge of Umbra… the Trade Center, the Apartments, and the Umbra Mall.

– The Trade Center (CoD Owned: In Person Market, RP Only)
– Umbra Park Estates (CoD Owned: Apartments Available for Travelers)
– Royal Britannian Guard & Legionnaires Headquarters (CoD Owned: Leased to the RBG of Umbra, Shared with CoD Legionnaires)
– The Umbra Mall & Merchant Operations (CoD Owned: Our vendor mall, merchant operations.)
– The Necromantic Amphitheatre (Ballroom Hall) [LEASED]
– The Wailing Banshee Inn [LEASED]
– The Critter Pens (Stables) [LEASED]
– The Skeleton Swill (Bar) [LEASED]
– The Ghast Refractory (Caterer/Bakery) [LEASED]

Cindervale (Felucca)

This was actually a re-acquisition of our history.  Where we once held the Death Tower — formerly known as the Spirit Tower — renamed after the desceration of the shrines by Minax, now stands under CoD’s control once again as the Death Tower.  It is where our High Council meets and operates out of.


1) No PvP is allowed while in the buildings, take it outside. A light exception is made for the Bloody Brew Tavern.
2) To role play as a CoD vampire, you MUST remain ‘in masquerade’ at all times when mortals are present.
3) Events do have targeted audiences, please follow the rules for each listed event.
4) If an event is for RP’ers only, non-RP’ers that seek to disrupt such events will be temporarily banned.
5) All visitors and citizens should be friendly towards one another, unless the character roles calls for otherwise.
6) These are CoD-owned buildings, thus CoD players have the right to govern the buildings and events held within them accordingly.