Zachary Taylor



Full Name: Zachary Thomas Taylor
Father: Andrew Taylor
Mother: Eleanor Taylor
Siblings: Henry (14), Andrea (9)
City of Birth: Moonglow
Date of Birth: March 1st, 1997
Age: 18
Hair: Brown, Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel Green/Gold
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 192 lbs.
Markings: A large dragon tattooed on his back with the wings spread, his brother’s and sister’s names under the wings.
Coven Rank: Student
School: Wind’s Collegium of Magics
Grade: 2nd Year
Area of Study: Magery & Mysticism

Zach was the first born son of Andrew and Eleanor Taylor 2 years after they first were married.  His mother was a simple farmer that never went to school and never learned to read or write; she remains illiterate until this day.  His father started as a janitor at the Moonglow Zoo, having moved to Moonglow just after his 24th birthday.  Little is known about Andrew’s origin,  he claims to have been born in Britain, but no records exist of his birth.

After roughly 5 years and several miscarriages, Eleanor gave birth to another boy, Henry.  Zach dotted on his little brother and the family was elated to finally have another child in the house.  They lived a very simple life, but they were all very happy.  When Eleanor became pregnant with her third child, she suffered from several complications.  She developed a condition called pre-eclampsia.  The healers of Moonglow ended up having to deliver the baby, a girl, nearly two months premature.  In the process completely removing all reproduction organs from Eleanor, effectively ending her ability to have children in the future.  They kept the baby hospitalized for months after the birth and they told Andrew and Eleanor that it would be a miracle if the baby survived. And a miracle did happen as they were able to take baby Andrea home 3 and a half months after she was born.

This put not only emotional strain on the family, but financial strain.  Andrew was only at that time an apprentice zookeeper and the small farm that Eleanor tended to everyday had not provided a yeild due to Eleanor being with child and then having to care for Andrea as she would get sick often.  It is then when the violence started.

But Andrew Taylor holds a deep dark secret that no one knows about.  One he’s never told a soul about.  What could it be?

– Bright, exceptionally so.  Gets perfect or near perfect grades in school.

– Photographic memory. Can easily absorb material and remember details.

– Protective by instinct.  Especially of his family and the few he calls friends.

– Untrusting of others, usually.  Takes a while for him to warm up.

– Once he does, he’s warm and caring.  Gentle and easy to talk to.


Zack’s Back Tattoo
Zach in High School