South Jhelom



In character, CoD and the RBG of Umbra both lease buildings within the Southernmost Island of Jhelom from the Mayor first long long ago, and now from the Governors as they are elected. We call this island, South Jhelom, appropriately.  This area for us serves are our main merchant distribution center and our own personal docking stations.  CoD holds leases to the Port (1), Trade Office & Storage House (2), and the Theatre (7).  The RBG holds leases to the Trademaster’s Office (5) , Arms Office (8), and Customs Office (9).  The rest of the buildings operate as part of Jhelom proper, but undoubtedly are loyal to the Romanus Family as a patron of their wares.


(1) The South Port — Leased to CoD, used with Crown authority and sanction by the RBG, this is the main area of our import/export business.

(2) Trade Offices & Storage House — Leased to CoD, this building houses our trade offices that administrate our imports and exports to the lands of the Kingdom and serves are a storage warehouse for supplies. This building is also used by the RBG for any suspicious merchandise that is confiscated.

(3) The Pearl of Jhelom — city-run jewelry shop.

(4) The Jhelom Mage — city-run magery shop.

(5) Trademaster’s Office — Leased to the RBG, this building is set up as the Trademaster’s Office, which is a division of Customs. The office ensures that all merchant ships, whether ours or others, are up to code and are registered as official merchandise carriers with the Crown.

(6) Jhelom’s Fine Tailoring — city-run tailor’s shop.

(7) Performing Arts Center — Leased to CoD on a needs basis, we use this building as a rehearsal house for our plays and performances that we usually open up in our city of Vamp’s Lair or in the city of Britain.

(8) RBG Arms Office — Leased to the RBG, this building is a post for all RBG regiments assigned to work with customs officers or with the trademaster.

(9) Customs Office — Leased to the RBG, the trademaster heads up this organization.  His/Her deputies would work out of this office.



Operation: Safe Waters on Sundays @ 8 PM EST — An in character pirate hunting event held every other Sunday evening at 8 PM EST out of the South Port hosted by the RBG of Umbra but open to all RBG regiments.


None at this time.