No Place to Hide

fae-lordThere was no place to hide.  So when you have no place to hide, what do you do? You hide in plain sight.

The Razele twins sought to trick and deceive the best tricksters of the land — the Fae of Ilshenar.  Using illusions or perhaps even the Form Shift Gift, they managed to conceal their true identities and posed for members of the Fae. The Fae of Ilshenar are ruled by the one they call the Fae Lord Oaks and his devious bride, the Forest Queen Silvani.  Surely, it wouldn’t take too much convincing to on their part to have the Fae fight against vampires; not knowing they are aiding and abetting vampire criminals themselves. They would not listen to reason, there would not be any bargain or compromise from Lord Oaks — it was war they wanted.

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A Clue Among the Blood Stains

blood-dungeonWe gathered at the Tavern to talk about our excursion.  I was late.  It seems that trying to find adequate progeny in this land is proving to be a difficult task. I have been lurking about, surveying the land, trying to find someone that might be worth the journey.  I know Marius has tasked us with expanding our family; he’s eager for fresh new blood. As a guardian, I must comply… but that’s really a pain in my arse and taking away from my daily beautification routine. Thus, I am late.

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