The Invitations Are Sent…

merida-armand-invitationsJust got our copy of the invitations that were sent out.  Elegant, beautifully scripted, in the colors my bride had wished for.  Everything seems perfect.  I am very excited to take Merida as my wife, she’s my heart’s desire and my love for her burns eternal.  I hope she doesn’t get too nervous… its only 500+ names on our guest list.  Everything is in motion, and the date approaches quickly.  I hope that Va’lis makes it and that they squash whatever has been vexing them and he understands that whatever Merida tells me in confidence as my wife, I keep to myself.  We keep no secrets from each other…  we’re truly in love.

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Whispers and idle gossip…

resurrectionI have been hearing whispers…

They seem very afraid, unsteady about the decision of our House to bring him back to life. I, being one of his most focused victims at some point, understand this angst. But he’s different. The same, but still different. He braved the strong fight to rescue me from the depths of the Lich’s Lair, all the while protecting my daughter, Brelynn, and being mindful of my beloved husband’s authority. He cannot be so terrible, after all.

But this is Va’lis Razele. The same Va’lis Razele that has murdered hundreds, and maimed many more, in his quest for power. He is ruthless, merciless, and evokes the fears of many at his sight. Much to do will be had about him, about his resurrection. Our family will have to answer for that. Will this cost us our anonymity, our secret shadows, that we so depend on to run our businesses and turn our profits. We employ so many, and not just vampires and other supernaturals, but many mortals as well. Will their livelihood be compromised by Marius’ decision to ally with Va’lis?

The only answer I can come to is that Va’lis must have some desire for what we may be able to offer him; what I may be able to offer him. Hence the gossip. The whispers running about the lair is that Va’lis and I are romantically intertwined; that that would be his great desire to rescue me. And while I cannot deny my own draw to him, its much more maternal than romantic. This I can guarantee. Marius has been, and will always be, my one true love. But for me, Va’lis’ story and his struggles have drawn me to him, his lack of proper tutelage in this life… this unlife… is something I can try my best to rectify. So I will adopt him as my progeny, if he will have me.

The vampire in me, however, will always indulge in her own progeny; so has Marius throughout our eternities. This is no crime, its nature. But my heart undoubtedly belongs to one. My Marius… my mortal love; my immortal beloved. He’s the father I chose to adopt the girls with, the one I devoted myself to as a young mortal girl of 15. I’ve loved him for over a thousand years, and will love him for over a thousand more.

The rest is just… idle gossip.

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The Journey to the Truth Is So Much Sweeter

marcus_bitesThe gift that I had acquired for Va’lis was Davian Pasteur.  We had had him extradited to Vamp’s Lair from our fortress in Night Island off the coast of the Keys in Florida back on Earth. He was not told of our plans to resurrect his former master, so obviously when Va’lis Razele walked in the door of our prison floor, the shocked look on his face was genuine. He knew he would meet his end.

Davian backed up against the wall as his master stepped forward… the fear in him palpitated throughout the room. Excitement seemed to grab a hold of Merida, Va’lis other progeny, while Isonu looked indifferent. Amroth looked like he was holding back from doing the job himself. Once Va’lis grabbed Davian by the throat and lifted him into the wall, indenting the concrete hecatolite wall behind Davian with his rage and strength, I knew it was over for him.

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The Resurrection of Va’lis Razele

resurrectionWell it has come to this.

I am afraid of what the future will hold for our kind and our anonymity should this get out. However, it is a risk I am willing to take.

After Vandion revealed to us that the body found in the Blood Dungeon as we searched for clues to the whereabouts of the others was a half-breed with clear signs of mind-control magic, it quickly came together for all of us.  These other progeny of Va’lis are now working with the ancients that took Pandora. Somehow, their focus has changed from acquisition of the Divine Parents to whatever information these rogue vampires gave them… something of more definite power.  Isonu says it could only mean one thing: The Blackrock Sword.

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Forensic Report on Subject #VL277

brain-tissue-samplesCherry Spy and Kagome’s find in the Blood Dungeon while they looked for the whereabouts of the so-called others was dropped off at my office for extensive detail. The request coming from our sovereign, Marius de Romanus, I put myself to quick work.

My initial suspicions were correct, the body was indeed that of a half-breed. Half-vampire, half-human.  Looked to be a white female in her mid-thirties, auburn hair and green eyes. The body showed signs that it had been beaten, tortured. My initial conclusion to the cause of death had been blunt force trauma to the back of the head.  I put the time of death at 3 days ago, somewhere between 1 and 2 in the morning.

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A Service for Saralyn

Church of the SunA service is scheduled for the interment of Saralyn de Romanus on August 23rd, at 9 o’clock in the eve’ by the Eastern skies at our city’s Church of the Sun.

A short service, officiated by Amroth Plinius, will begin shortly after followed by a private moment with the de Romanus family. The extended family is asked to sign the guest book provided at the entrance and then move to the Reprieve for Resting Souls graveyard, next to the Church.

Funerary attire is required.

A Sad Farewell

cemeteryMy dear Marius suffers, my maker, my lover, my teacher…  his pain is shared by all of his progeny.  It is my hope that Pandora is deep within the earth, unable to pick up what we do or her efforts to buy us time would have been in vain.

But for now we must say goodbye to one of our own, a child. Pandora’s child. A child that for years did not know who or what she was. She only knew that she shared this affliction with her twin sister and that all around her, her human family was aging and dying, yet her own development was severely slowed. A child that was finally among others that understood her, that loved her, that wanted her, and that taught her. She was coming into her own, having been trained by the best of us, but a child none the less. Marius’ daughter.

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A Gruesome Delivery

Black_gift_boxMarius and Memphisto sat discussing the business at hand. That business is finding Pandora while keeping Those Who Must Be Kept safe from falling into the wrong hands. As such Marius and the ancients of his coven have put a plan in action to move the King and Queen to Sosaria, where none can follow.  The portals between the two worlds — Earth and Sosaria — have only ever been discovered by the most powerful of mages in Sosaria. Earthlings do not posses such powers, at least none that we know of.

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