Amira Ezell


Full Name: Amira Ezell-Nejem
Father: Alem Ezell (dead)
Mother: Samiya Ezell (Dead)
Siblings: Ali Ezell (21 MIA)
City of Birth: Nujelm
Date of Birth: June 5th
Age: 17
Hair: black
Eyes: honey brown
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 117 lbs
Coven Rank: Orphan
School: Being home schooled by Piper
Grade: N/A
Area of Study: Basic Learning
Status:  Currently 4 and a half months pregnant, by Ivan Vale.

Amira was born to a fisherman family in Nujelm. Very poor, but she managed to work along side her father and brother on the boat most of her young years. Her mother died when she was nine years old, leaving her to be the woman of the household. at the age of 11, her father could no longer care for her, and she was married off, a child bride to a nobleman, Lord Azeem Nejem. The man was 40 years old, and had 2 sons, 23 and 18 years old. Her husband was cruel, only taking her in to make a slave out of her. She was ordered to clean, to cook, to care for all three of the men, in every way they deemed right. In many ways it was wrong, but she held hope that some day she would be free of them.  The year she turned 14 she found herself with child, horrified and scared, she did not know what to do. Her husband, Azeem was proud of the fact he got his new wife pregnant, no matter what her age. It meant he would have another son. In the months to follow he treated her with kindness, and made sure she remained untouched by his sons. in the fourth month of her pregnancy, her husband returned home drunk, and began abusing her once more. Blood stained the floor that night, the child gone. Amira grew depressed, terrified of all men around her. she stayed closed up in her home away from the outside world. She with the help of a serving girl, wrote a letter. She had heard of a woman that took in orphaned children, or took them from abusive families, Merida de Romanus, she wrote for her to save her, and Merida did. Now Amira lives her life at the orphanage until she turns of age to be on her own. never wanting to be Adopted, no need for a family when you cannot trust them……

-Very skittish around Men, but becomes comfortable around them once she gets to know them, very blunt, and very grown up for her age as if she lived a long life already.