Love Drunk

tumblr_mpjzngdrmK1syqnvro1_500Just as I thought, Papa wasn’t very impressed with my costume for the ball, but having kept it secret from him until the last minute meant I was able to wear my new dress! I felt like a real princess when I arrived and got to kiss my frog prince. The way Zach stared at me as we danced was thrilling, and his touch was intoxicating. We kissed and I forgot everything else… I wanted more.

Eventually he led me away from the party, and to the largest ship I have ever seen. We boarded, and in no time we were sailing along the coast. It. Was. Breathtaking. The water was still and smooth as glass, reflecting the clear skies and making it seem as though we were sailing through the infinite stars… It was magical. Just when I thought that I couldn’t possibly love Zach more than I already do, he comes up with something that makes me fall for him all over again. 

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The Air I Breathe

ro-zach-colton-holland-3Nothing in this world, or any world, makes me feel as complete as she does.  Ro’s been having trouble sleeping for over a week now. I’ve noticed her toss and turn, and even at times leave my bedroom to go outside. The stress was getting to her and she was going to have a meltdown.  With Armand and Merida gone to Earth, she felt so alone.  Even I wasn’t enough to comfort her.

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Romanus or Razele

merida-portrait3It’s always something that has been in question, my sanity. For years I fought an inner war created in my own mind. I fought for the approval of the man I eternally loved and would die for. On a whim I would murder for him. I would pick up tasks impossible for one my age to do alone. Now as I sit back and look at my life now…what a foolish little girl I was. I watched my children and my husband playing near the gate to earth. I watched Marius and Pandora huddled together in an act of pure love. I watched Cherry and my dear sire sister Carrie. This is my family. My heart was theirs..I would fight to the end for them…but there was a nagging bug in the back of my mind I could not be rid of.

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Mixed Emotions

cemetaryI decided that I would go and seek my dad out myself. I didn’t tell Ro because I just didn’t want her to worry. This weekend we are moving into our new apartment and Momma starts her job on Monday at the nursery. So things are starting to settle down here in Umbra.  But Anson is demanding payment from me for last week’s work.  I cannot keep him on by myself, so I need to find Dad and ask him for money.  It’s time to figure out why he hasn’t come back to the farm.

This morning I woke up and headed over to the family farm.  I got there and Anson said today would be his last day if I couldn’t come up with what we owed him for the previous week. *sighs*  So I gave him whatever I had on me and still owe him 250g.  So I got to work, I needed to process all the wheat from our farms into sacks of flour so that I could sell them to the locals. Hopefully for enough money to pay what we owe Anson.

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A Desperate Desire

zach-ro-at-schoolIt has been five weeks since I first laid eyes on her; since I fell in love with her.  It truly was love at first sight.  Never have I felt anything as extraordinary or as strong as the love I feel for her.  I know she’s younger than me, and that to teenagers 3.5 years seems like a lifetime, but what she’s had to endure has matured her.  She’s more mature than most of the girls my age, none of which ever really piqued my interest. Only one to come close was Cora, but that was so short lived and she went off to be a warrior trainee at the Warrior’s Guild in Britain.  But Rowan, she is the one.  I feel it deep inside my soul.  With her I feel like I can take on the world!

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The Eye of the Storm

zachary-back-tattooIt had been a few days since those punk kids took stabs at me because of the bruises on my face. Director Razele expelled them both, so take that!  Ha!  I am sure my test scores proved my case. I actually love school and really want to one day go to Wind and become a great mage.  I am after all from Moonglow.  Dad shoots down my dreams every chance he gets wanting me to take a job as a janitor in the zoo, like he had when he was my age.  “You’re aiming too high,” he says. “You’ll never amount to anything,” he says. “I have a real job waiting for you when you graduate at the zoo,” he says. Bah! Whatever.

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