Falke Spy


Full Name: Falke Spy
Birth Name: Falke Spyergenanbaum
Origin: Germanic
Birthday: December 3rd, 1990
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 165 pounds
Markings: Upon his back, in between his shoulder blades is a tattoo of a robed and hooded angel, underneath which is another tattoo of a knight in shining black armor which opens up over the chest to show white skin.
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Human
Affliction: None as of yet
Maker/Master/House: N/A
Mate: N/A
Guild Rank: N/A as of yet ICly (OOCly and in future ICly a Legionnaire).
Order House: N/A
City: London
Age: 24
Apparent Age: 24
Masquerade Use: N/A

Falke Spy is a very kind and considerate person, however, around those he does not know, he tends to be shy and somewhat reserved. This does not change his caring nature, though, and even if he is new to someone, it often comes out. He’s often found with a book, or something to write with and a notepad, and he does like to think about what ifs and how things could be. He enjoys talking about any number of things- most of them requiring some level of intellect- and is happy when he encounters a new idea or fact. He likes animals more than he likes most people, because he understands them better and likes them more. He had a dog he was extremely close to, and though he may like some people as much as he liked that dog, he likes nobody more than he liked that dog.

Falke is very tall, though almost emaciated for his height. He is, however, healthy, and he moves with a lithe grace and strong gait.
Vampires – While Fed:  N/A
Vampires – While Hungry: N/A



Falke was born December 3rd, 1990, in London. He had a rough youth- he had trouble at school, not because he was stupid (he was quite the opposite), but because he didn’t know how to socialize well, and it didn’t come to him like it did to the other kids. He got into a lot of fights at school, and was picked on and shunned. On his eighth birthday, he was given a dog- Knight. He was black with a white “milk dribble” going down his chin and through his chest. Where most kids had friends at school and in their neighborhoods they would play and talk with, Falke had Knight. He took him for walks every day as soon as he got home from school, and cared for him as best he could. The two of them formed an unbreakable bond, and they knew each other like the backs of their hands- or paws.

Falke proceeded onwards through his schooling, excelling at the scholarly pursuits while lagging behind in social activities. He graduated at the top of his class, and went on to work part time while going to a college class or two every so often. Around January of 2013, something bad happened: Knight had a seizure. In August, when he had another one, Falke knew something was seriously wrong. The vet didn’t know much, and could do less, so Falke stayed with Knight all day, every day, and took care of him, stopping going to college. Knight had issues going up and down stairs, and needed help a lot, so Falke stayed by him twenty four hours a day, to the point of not getting enough sleep.

One night in November, he was walking Knight, and Knight stopped. Not knowing this, Falke went on and pulled by mistake. The collar came off from around Knight’s neck. Falke came home and sat down on the floor in tears- he knew it was time to put Knight to sleep. It was the hardest thing he ever did, but he knew that it was what would make things better for Knight, so he did it. Falke has, since then and until now, not gone back to college. He began, however, to read more- all sorts of books, mostly science fiction and fantasy and paranormal-, and write every day. A lot of his friends and even some of his family think, now, that this writing is how he is interacting with reality- through his imagination and fantasies.