A Family Divided

“NO! Absolutely not.”  I screamed so loudly that the walls shook,  “I will go after him, and if he gets in my way, I’ll make sure he’s not a problem.” Pandora slammed her fist on the table, “You will do no such thing to my progeny!  I will not allow Val to be harmed.”  I looked at her, “He’s out there right now trying to wage a war against the Draconians… you know David and I share a god damned sire! And not just any sire. But the sire to us all!  You are about to kill off her progeny without her knowledge or permission.  You don’t get the same right.”

“Fuck the laws! Va’lis is more than just my progeny by blood, he’s my son.  Marius!”  Pandora looked to Marius as if he had any sway with me, which he doesn’t.  I outrank him and outage him.  He sat there in silence. We all did.

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Adding to the Lineage

maharet-khayman-babyThis had been the third shot of the Kickstart Serum that we both had taken.  I am now about 6-7 weeks along.  It didn’t take but a week or so for Khayman’s seed to take hold.  We didn’t expect it to be so quick.  Mekare was told of the plan ahead of time, and of course she was completely against it. In our old Kemetian tongue, well through our telepathy which stayed through my transformation shockingly, she raged against the idea.

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The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 21

merida-looking-at-chancellorsOn the way back to the others I caught carrie in a tight hug. “Be strong sister, I’m with you, do us proud.” I kissed her cheek and watched her go to the stand to take her place. As I entered the room with the others I Immidiately hugged Va’lis. I hate the man sometimes but when I’m strong for too long I need my sire’s arms. I then sat with Pandora and hugged her. “I hope what I said was enough.” Her smile told me I did them proud. That was enough for me, The door to the box opened to reveal Maharet. I jumped into her arms immidiately, feeling her comfort. “You did well. David and Natasha have called a comfirment. Something is up their sleeves.” I looked to her and tilted my head. “What could it be?” Maharet shook her head, ” another witness perhaps.” I glanced at Va’lis for a moment and thought…well…this could go two ways.

The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 16

falke-thinkingThe main thing I did while in that private box was observe and listen- from the beginning of Maharet’s oath taking, I knew that she was in control. Or, at least, she felt that way. I didn’t really know much of anything down here… But I had to grin at her reply to the Order’s deputy and his whole spiel. I enjoyed how Maharet schooled the counselor Windsor, and I felt no pity for her when she got scared by Maharet standing up. I didn’t know what all happened, but I hope that bitch learned a bit about her place. Is that vicious of me? Should I even care? I mean, these people surely are not my own. Quite the opposite- they want to harm those I care for. I take a mental note to myself to always remember this, and vowed to always keep the Draconian family far away, or under my complete control. I did, however, cringe when Maharet admitted to burning Zeeke even though Merida was being released- I knew that bitch deserved all she got, and that Maharet was not the one being charged here, but one should never admit to anything in a court of law.

I saw Cherry leaving with Va’lis. It was hard to stay in my seat- she was the one who had invited me to come with the whole troupe, and I could tell something was wrong. I had no clue what- but it had to be important… Important enough to warrant my aunt- my favorite aunt!- leaving the place where it’ll be decided if Marius faces prison time- while it was being decided! And Marius is… Well, important! But because Cherry had invited me, I also knew that I had to be good. I wanted to impress her with how I handled this important event. I knew I needed to stay in my seat, and remain proper. I waited, then, interested in hearing whatever cross interviewing techniques and tactics the Counselor Talbot took, and wanting to hear Maharet’s replies.

The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 13

maharet-sexyNatasha called my name as a witness.  It had been a long time since I actually heard my real name spoken, “I call to witness, Maharet Revanatziah of House Kemet,” Natasha stated. “House Kemet gives their consent to the witness?” Chancellor Grimm asked.  Khayman stood up, “It does.”  Of course it does, Khayman did as I told him to do. This was really my house, everyone knew it.  I walked forth to take the witness stand and sat down.

The Order deputy came to me and asked me to raise my right hand and repeat after him, “On the Order’s Laws by the right of government granted us, do you solemnly swear to tell the truth by penalty of perjurious imprisonment as sentenced by the High Council?” His own hand shook as he stood in front of me. I gave him a somber look, “What do you think?”  Chancellor Grimm interjected, “A simple, ‘I do’ will suffice.”  One day I am going to rip that old vamp’s throat right the fuck out and sever his head from his body as I drink straight from his dead heart. “I do,” I said as I looked straight at him.

Counselor Elisa Windsor represented the Draconians.  She was smart, talented, and ruthless.  But she too, like the deputy, felt uncomfortable standing in front of me. But then again, most felt that way towards any of House Kemet, for they know we are the progenitors of all bloodlines on Earth.  Our dear David Talbot would be the counselor from our side to cross-examine me.

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The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 1

marius-and-maryI knew the time had come. Monday is the Tribunal.  David and Maharet had done all they could do, at least I wouldn’t be put down like a lame dog. But I would be away from my family, my Lydia. That hurt me more than anything else. I know that as much as she sometimes gets overwhelmed by my antics, Lydia is actually a very sensitive woman and the knowledge that I am out there somewhere where she can run to is a big comfort for her. I am not sure that anyone would be able to quiet the silence that she would feel if they sentence me to a box. Not even Va’lis, for as much as she loves him and he loves her — it’s not the same. That desperation was one I felt when Lydia taken from me and only when you have that kind of love could you ever truly relate. But there was no turning back now, I must face the music. 

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 15

Julianne Moore Michael Thompson Photoshoot for Vanity Fair  2003Mekare stood behind Maharet, her eyes barely able to look from the floor. She lived every day with the knowledge that her sister loved the very man that had raped her, that had cut out her tongue. She could not even look at him for she feared the rage would take over her soul. She respected her sister far too much.

Marius exited the room with much fanfare. He was in rare form tonight. Mekare wondered if the separation from Pandora that the world gates afforded us caused his instability for it was a rare occurrence that he would talk to the elders with such angst. He was almost always extremely respectful of all the First Brood.

When Maharet mentioned that she could not allow the deaths of the Romanus clan, it wasn’t a heartfelt sentiment that drove her conviction. It was the knowledge that this clan more than any other had the potential to survive the ages and blend into humanity, rather than destroy it. They were the future of our kind.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 12

paris-france-pallisadesLouis sat and waited. He was watched the window like he longed for the sun to come through it. Maharet had returned and Marius was running after her. He could hear what they were saying, or rather what Marius was saying.

Lestat sat up and went to follow Marius, he longed for news of Merida whom he had gotten close due to Saphira’s talents.  Louis was quick to grab him, “Where do you think you’re going?” Louis questioned his lover and maker. Lestat stopped and looked at him, “Why do we wait on the elders to make their move?” “Because those are the rules, Lestat. We follow the rules. And until Marius comes in here to tell us to move, we sit. We wait.” Louis’ loyalty annoyed him but Lestat knew he was right. To question Marius’ or worse Maharet’s decisions would shake the foundation on which we built our coven and all the bloodlines in it. 

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 7

maharetAs I returned to the Palisades, immediately Marius accosted me. “Were you able to negotiate the release of our kin?” I didn’t respond and continued my walk towards my quarters where I knew Khayman was awaiting my return and my orders. Marius followed me, “M’lady I urge upon you for some news,” he pressed. Once I opened the door to the chambers I gazed upon Khayman’s face. My sister still kept her distance from him so she had stood outside, but now followed Marius and I in.

Khayman spoke in our ancient Kemetian. I nodded and finally turned to Marius, “If Merida is not released by midnight this next evening, Khayman and I will walk in and retrieve her.”

Marius nodded in agreement, “what of Carrie?” “She is not our concern, Marius. She is not a Romanus nor is she tied to us in any way. I will not risk a war with our sire-brother if it does not directly affect our coven houses.” Marius eyes gleamed a bit. He seemed disappointed. “Marius, Merida is Armand’s wife and my protégé, there is a clear line of succession there and David knows this. This newborn is really a non-entity.”

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 5

maharet-wildMaharet is cool as cucumber. You really think she would allow anyone to kill her protego? Heck no. As soon as David hears that Merida is bonded to Maharet, it would send him into a mediocre panic. It’s his sire-sister, he knows just what she’s capable of just as much as Maharet knows that David craves power, by any means he gets it. She knows of his plans for human enslavement, and has never agreed with it. She also has backed the Romanus clan for many millennia; that’s not going to stop any time soon. She doesn’t get involved in the day to day issues and trusts Marius to run things, but this isn’t an ordinary issue. This is Merida.

To Maharet, she couldn’t care less about a newborn so Carrie isn’t a concern to her at all. For her, it’s all about her protego. She sees Merida as the carrier to her genetics and her Elementalist power. Like Cherry, who has the gene but dormant. Cherry has no interest in awaking it, but Merida came to her so eager to learn and improve. It played right into her ego. And while she admits that the Razele line may have some unique powers of its own, it is not a comparison to the Elementalist power. David is always been jealous of it because it is not replicable in any way; you either have the gene or you do not. Period. It is also why David fears the Twins so grievously. Maharet might be able to just walk in there, sit down and demand he release Merida and David will probably do it to avoid her and her sister’s wrath. But she would leave Carrie to rot. That is Va’lis’ problem, not hers.

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