Trade Center’s Grand Opening, July 11th, 8 PM EST

Trade Center of UmbraWe are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the new Trade Center of Umbra on Monday, July 11th, at 8 PM EST.  This market will be the grand center of all trade for our Role Playing community. The premise of this shop is to buy, sell, and trade items for SILVER in a fashion that promotes role playing.  Silver will help to create our own, more realistic, RP currency.  Not many common folk of the day walked around with loads of gold pieces lying about… copper and silver pieces were more frequently used.

The focus of the shop is NOT what items you have to sell, but rather HOW you are selling them.  Some of our featured shops will be creatively selling items that may or may not be of normal economic value, but to a person living in the times of Sosaria would be useful and sought after.  Items would normally be sold for a few pieces of silver.

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Market Day at the Trade Center, 11/20 @ 2 PM EST

Hello everyone please join us on November 22nd, at 2 PM EST as we host our first Market Day at our new Trade Center in Umbra — yes practically IN Umbra.  We will host this event every month on the third Saturday of the month.  Merchants of the best skills will be on hand to provide almost anything you need.

Market Day is a special day that allows folks to interact with LIVE vendors, much like the olden days when folks would place their orders with the smiths that sat in front of the Hammer and Anvil in Britain.  The concept is that we will take your orders, provided you come with your own materials (we will have some materials on hand, like iron ingots and wooden boards, but none of the specialty items), and fill them right there.  Our merchants will be all LGM of their crafts (GM for some skills that do not have 100+ capabilities) and should be able to work with you to provide you whatever you need.  You can come get your armor crafted, turn right around and get it imbued… you could order a woodworker to create for you a new living room for your house,  or add that new add-on… you can get your ships’ goods made and finally equip it with those cannons you’ve been seeking…   or perhaps you need a jeweler that can crank you out a new Pendant of the Magi… maybe you are seeking for really rare items to buy… or even something as simple as you need to replenish your recall charges on your runebooks… whatever your needs we will try our best to fill them.

Merchants, if you are interested in providing your services, please contact me at either ICQ 608083009 or email — you can “rent a booth” at the market place, bring your BEST crafter (the one with the most recipes learned) or your BEST wares to sell, decorate your booth as you like, and even set up a 24 hr “assistant” (temporary vendor) to help you.  The best decorated booth wins 100,000 gold courtesy of the Children of Darkness.

See you all there!


Not everyone that stops by on this day will be an RP’er, keep that in mind.  We will do our best to stay in character (I’d prefer RP’er merchants if possible) for this event, but it is open to all.