Erika Spy



Full Name: Erika Rachel Spyergenanbaum
Birth Name: Erika Spy
Origin: Germanic
Birthday: June 20, 1204 AD in present day Berlin, Germany
Hair Color: Fire Red
Eye Color:  Green
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 109 lbs.
Markings: The Spy Emblem on left wrist.
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Elementalism: Water
Maker: Cherry Spy
Mate: Josef Kuhn, deceased.
Guild Rank: Legionnaire, Centuriate Legion
Order House: House Romanus
City: Umbra, Berlin
Age: 827
Apparent Age: 30
Masquerade Use: 90%

A description of your characters personality, characteristics, and disposition.

Vampires – While Fed:  (What you look like when you have fed recently.)
Vampires – While Hungry: (What you look like when you have not fed.)


Cherry Spy, Sire and Great Aunt (x6) (Vampire)
Va’lis Razele, Sire-Father by Marriage (Vampire)
Ruby Spy, Great Aunt (x6) (Vampire)
Jade, Spy, Great Grandmother (x6) (Vampire)
Emerald Spy, Great Aunt (x6) (Vampire)
Lucius Spy, Paternal Grandfather (Vampire)
Annalee Spy, Paternal Grandmother, decesased.
Lothar Spy, Father, deceased.
Mathilde Spy, Mother, deceased.
Cassadee Spy, Sister (Vampire)
Elyse Spy Kuhn, Daughter (Vampire)
Johann Spy Kuhn, Son (Vampire)


  • Husband decided to stay mortal, despite several pleas from his wife.
  • Husband died a natural mortal death surrounded by his wife, children, and grandchildren.
  • Erika took the death of her husband hard. For her, giving her family history, she couldn’t accept someone choosing death.
  • Had two children, a girl named Elyse with a boy following 5 years later named Johann.  Suffered several miscarriages before, in between, and after her children were born.
  • Has a very close relationship with her children. grandchildren, and other descendants and relatives.
  • Is extremely competitive with her sister.  They would die for each other, but constantly jib at each other.  You would often find them sparring against each other.
  • Is very close to her great aunts and great grandmother, most especially her sire, Cherry.