NPC Legionnaires

The following is a list of all our NPC Legionnaires.  Any guild member is allowed to pick from this list if they wish to bring a character to life and need a head start into a quick bio.

Name Type Hair Eyes Age Age Apparent Disposition
Leg. Eve Turner Mortal Blonde Blue 22 N/A Reserved, quiet, loyal.  Wishes to become a vampire one day.
Leg. Thomas Larson Lycan Light Auburn Brown 27 N/A Outgoing, fun, loves to tell jokes. Enjoys children. Very good looking.
Leg. Henry Cavalier Lycan Brown Brown 39 N/A Stern, tough. Wants to move up in rank and become a commander one day.
Leg. Aura Beaumont Vampire Blonde Blue 1,433 26 Beautiful, smart, cunning. She has conditioned herself well to mortal likeness; able to drink and eat and withstand sunlight very well.
Leg. Forrest Troy Mortal Brown Brown 26 N/A Shy, akward in his mannerisms. In love with Yasmina Tucker and wants to become a Lycan like her.
Leg. Yasmina Tucker Lycan Blondish Brown Green 28 N/A Flirty, fun, and outgoing. She is beautiful and smart. She has a special interest in Thomas Larson, but knows that Forrest is in love with her.
Leg. Aquinas Nortum Lycan Black Blue 24 N/A Eager, wants to move up in rank. Will say anything and do anything to advance his own interests. Not too much of a team player.
Leg. Abraham Lorde Lycan Reddish Brown Green 46 N/A Happy with his current position. Loyal to the family. Is married to a mortal and has several children with her.
Leg. Raul Ventura Vampire Brown Brown 1,722 27 Fatally in love with Cherry Spy. Will do anything and everything to stay at her side. Happy to stay on in his current position.  Absolutely hates Va’lis Razele and Lucius Spy.
Leg. Phillip Strauss Vampire Light Brown Brown 1,123 45 Great friends with Amroth de Plinius.  His wife, Katerina is also a vampire of similar age, they have quite a few progeny together. Serves the family well and without complaint.
Leg. Sophia Hartwick Mortal Light Blonde Green 36 N/A Exhibits Wiccan powers at times.  She is shy, reserved, and very uncomfortable around others.
Leg. Corretta Smith Lycan Fire Red Blue 29 N/A Exhibits Elementalist powers, of the Earth speciality. Generally outgoing, but shy at first. Takes a bit for her to warm up to others.