Kickstart Serum: Rules of Use


This storyline is a private storyline for our exclusive use within the Children of Darkness.  It has been TRADEMARKED and The Last Prophecy Gaming, Inc. holds all exclusive rights of use.  Written permission to use this published material must be acquired by request.  All requests can be sent to

CoD characters that wish to use the serum in their game play can only do so if:

a) their character background supports it through study, apprenticeship, or other directly under Marius de Romanus,
b) or their chracter is old enough to be a recipient of the serum,
c) or they are willing to submit to the death of their character otherwise as a failed experiment or test subject.


  • Only full vampires can be recipients.
  • The older the character, the longer the effects of the serum stay in the body.
  • The serum’s first administration will be ROUGH in its application and can result in death.
  • Additional administration of the serum can maintain the transformation for more extensive periods.
  • Eventually the body will grow resistant to the serum and transformation will no longer hold, currently ~ 13 months.
  • An extensive period must pass for the resistance to wear off, usually several years.