Barnaby Baggins

Barnaby Baggins, Vampire Elder

=== FACTS ===
Full Name: Barnaby J. Baggins
Birth Name: Barnaby J. Baggins
Birthday: Unknown, ~ 1886 AD
Race: Elf
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Marius de Romanus
Mate: Edith “Baby” Morgan (Human)
Coven Rank: Vampire Elder
City: Vamp’s Lair
Age: 127
Mortal Age: 17
Masquerade Use: 99%

Barnaby seldom interacts with others but when he does he is very friendly. His favorite activities are solitary past times that enable him to explore his talents. Barnaby’s thought on vampires are that they have the same capabilities as of mortal beings with the only exception of having allot more time to waste due to their immortality. Barnaby thinks that Vampires can be some of the worst wastes of life due to their endless procrastination of living up to their full potential.

Barnaby is above average height with steel grey eyes and dark hair. He owns a black cat name Charlie who he takes with him where ever he goes. He has a bump on the top of his right ear and a small mole on his right cheek.

=== PROGENY ===


Barnaby is a young vampire who was the son of an elf who served in the Yew chapter of the Royal Britanian Guard. Barnaby had hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an investigator for the RBG. When Barnaby suspected unusual activity coming from Bedlam he went in to investigate. Barnaby used his stealth ability to sneak past the hordes within, but he was caught by one of the necromancers while overlooking a demonic ritual. Barnaby turned to flee but upon his exit he was acosted by a zombie skeleton who nearly killed him. Barnaby managed to escape Bedlam, barely holding on to his mortality. He came to Umbra for help, but the Bloodletters could do no more to save him.  The healer masters summoned Marius to their station… it was then that Marius decided Barnaby was too beautiful to let expire. Marius, reacting from his heart, turned him into a vampire and brought him to Vamp’s Lair.