Piper Vale Shadowhand


Full Name: Piper Amaranth Vale-Shadowhand
Birth Name: Piper Amaranth Vale
Origin: Moonglow, Sosaria
Birthday: October 31st
Hair Color: Black with red tones
Eye Color: misty green
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 140 lbs
Markings: magical black branding all over her body
Lore Used: Ricean (Mixed)
Race: Human

Affliction: Vampire

Maker/Master/House: Ashiok-sire
Guild Rank: Citizen/Teacher
Order House: Romanus/Razele
City: Vamps Lair, Umbra
Age: 56
Apparent Age: 55
Masquerade Use: (% of Your Hidden Self)

Piper is a blunt and bold person. Her many years as a demonic witch has molded her into what she is. She hold magical brands on her body due to the magic she used to posess. Black viens on her left hand due to Blackrock and demonic magical use, and many other branding. At 55 years old she still retains a youthful appearance of at least 30.

While Fed:  hair shines and flows beautifully, eyes are bright, skin holds a soft glow.

While Hungry: hair is completely black, eyes take on a darker shade of dull green and tinted red, skin a sickly pale.


Ashiok- sire

William Vale- werewolf brother 60

Avalynn Vale- mortal sister 35

Jasmine Vale- mortal/demonic daughter 26

Myra Shadowhand- mortal daughter 20

Adam Shadowhand- mortal son 18

Ivan Vale – mortal/demonic son 16


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