Marius de Romanus

Marius Antonius Romanus, Imperator

Full Name: Marius de Romanus
Birth Name: Marius Antonius Romanus
Origin: Roman
Birthday: Unknown, 85 BC.
Hair Color: Light, almost platinum blonde.
Eye Color: Deep ocean blue.
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 185 lbs.
Markings:  Vertical scar across his left flank as a result of a sword gash from his Legionnaire days.
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Mael
Mate: Pandora de Romanus
Guild Rank: Imperator (Leader)
Guild Subgroup: High Council of Subhouses, President
Order House: House Romanus, Leader
City: Vamp’s Lair
Age: 2,100
Mortal Age: 40
Masquerade Use: 90%

Marius is almost flawless. He is an astute warrior, having served in the Roman Empire as a distinguished Legionnaire. He comes from a long line of Roman fighters; both brothers served under Augustus Caesar, the first Emperor of Rome as generals. If he has one flaw, it is his undying devotion to the love of his eternal life, Pandora.  Having pursued her since his mortal days in Rome — she was the daughter of a Roman senator — he became entranced with her and fell utterly in love.  Those feelings were only heightened as he turned immortal.

Pandora, after the fall of Rome, fled to the city of Antioch (modern day Istanbul), and Marius followed her there.  Upon their reunion, she knew something was very different about him, how he had not aged, his affinity for the night, dexterous speed, etc.  Eventually he told her of his affliction, but she stayed by his side helping to care for Those That Must Be Kept.  She was not afraid.  She wanted to be like him, with him but Marius refused to turn her. Until one evening a rogue fiend seeking the blood of Divine Parents, broke into Marius’ house and drained Pandora off her mortal life. Unable to let Pandora die, Marius’ completed the job and turned her into a vampire.  For over two thousand years, through many ups and downs in their relationship, they happily co-rule the coven that is House Romanus.  In all matters relative to the coven dealings, he seeks Pandora’s advice and council above all others.

Pandora’s push to free the Lycans that were under the coven’s ownership was a source of strife, as Marius believes Lycans are not to be trusted.  While he accepts the Lycans that chose to remain as part of his coven,  he leaves the dealings of such to Pandora for the most part.  The only Lycan he feels that he can trust is Dr. Vandion Jones, whom he has appointed as personal medical doctor.

Marius maintains an exceptional business acumen, dealing fairly with the mortal world to gain profits for his coven’s expansive endeavors.  He seeks to expand his holdings in both Earth and Sosaria through trade agreements and barting exchanges. Commerce is at the heart of Marius’ focus for Sosaria, as he instituted the Trade and Commerce Commission to run all the trade and commerce on behalf of Romanus Holdings, Inc. out of the great city of Umbra. He put his trusted friend and ally, Jonas Callahan of the Umbra Vampires that were left as a result of the former occupation of Umbra by LICH, as its President to solidify his allegiance to the city of Umbra.

On Earth, his primary goals are to continue to build his empire with his headquarters directly in the heart of Paris, France that contains the world gate to Umbra in Sosaria deep beneath the surface.  The world of Earth does not have open knowledge of our existence, thus it is much easier for us to industrialize with the mortal world. Our holdings on Earth include areas of New Orleans (most of Louisianna), Los Angeles (most of Central California), New York City (most of New York state), and Miami (most of South Florida) in the U.S. including most of the islands in Carribbean.  In Europe, of course all of France, all of Italy, and the better part of Germany. Of course there is Armand’s Night Island just off the coast of Miami. Romanus Holdings, Inc. also own a chain of blood banks throughout the modern world that we use as feed for our family members; an invention of Marius’ that proved to help many humans just as well. Other businesses include, Arista Records (a music entertainment company), a majority holding of ABC and NBC Studios, as well as Paramount Pictures.

As a leader, although generally kind and understanding, he does inflict fear into most of his members.  They fear his age and the power it brings him.  He is the oldest vampire in the coven — setting aside Those That Must Be Kept — and that in itself is intimidating.  As a result, loyalty is not only required, but given willingly.

While Fed:  A light skin tone with pink undertones, deep ocean blue eyes, platinum blonde hair shoulder length but would often cut it short (especially back on Earth), nails appear normal.

While Hungry: Shockingly pale white, almost marble like. Eyes grow light blue color, hair is dull almost dirty, nails glimmer like glass, but he would wear gloves.

=== PROGENY ===

– Pandora de Romanus
– Magnus (deceased)
– Armand de Romanus
– Bianca Solderini
– Sybelle
– Benji
– Amroth de Plinius
– Voltessa
– Natasha von Katte Kain
– Barnaby Baggins
– Mary Drown