Va’lis Razele

Va'lis Razele
Va’lis Razele, House Leader


Full Name: Va’lis Razele
Birth Name: Va’lis Razele
Origin: Sosaria, City of Wind
Birthday: December 18th, 1455
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 172 lbs.
Markings: None.
Lore Used: Sosarian Based Lore
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Sorin
Mate: Cherilyn Spyergenanbaum, Wife
Guild Rank: House Razele Leader
Guild Subgroup:  High Council of Subhouses, House Razele Leader
Order House: House Romanus
City: Moonglow / Wind
Age: 560
Mortal Age: 26
Masquerade Use: 99%


Most of the time he is calm, relaxed and in complete control of his emotions. However, when stressed or pushed to far he can be taken over by an intense rage. Lashing out at even those close to himself until the anger has run its course.


Stands almost 6 feet tall with straight black hair that reaches down to his shoulders. His face and arms are unmarked by scars, but his chest bears a large scar just over his heart. When he walks, it is with a proud noble bearing. Yet when he sits, his muscles are tense. Poised for flight if the need arises.

Vampires – While Fed: Skin tone looks more mortal, able to pass for human most of the time.
Vampires – While Hungry: His eyes turn a very dark gray, almost black.


Merida Ann Douglas, Daughter / Progeny

Isonu Minamoto, Progeny Sired but Entrusted to Marius de Romanus

Krystalee, Progeny

Ana’yl,  Progeny

Rowan Romanus – Granddaughter (Ro)

Saphira Romanus – Granddaughter (Saphi)

Naomi Minamoto – Granddaughter (Nae)

Rose Merida Romanus – Granddaughter (Rosie)

Antonio Andrei Romanus – Grandson (Tony)


December 18,1455: Born, City of Wind

1463-Mother, Valerie Razele, begins training him in the basics of magery.

1464-After tearing a spell from one of his father’s spellbooks, Va’lis attempts to cast it. The resulting backlash leaves his mother dead. His father becomes even more distant, forcing the child away from himself by enrolling him in the cities classes. Intense studies see Va’lis’ knowledge grow rapidly.

1467- First signs of natural skill with the forbidden skill of Necromancy. His father is forced to silence all witnesses to the act in order to avoid being disgraced.

1468- Va’lis completes his schooling. The youngest the city has seen do such in many long years. Begins his apprenticeship under his father at this time. The young boy tries to constantly gain the affection and praise of his father, to no avail.

1472- Perfects his first homemade spell. Father begins to show interest in the boy, only due to the as of yet untapped skill in Mind Magic.

1473- Attempts the same spell that claimed his mother once again. The backlash from this try leaves his eyes forever a cold, steel grey. As well as leaving his right arm useless for several months.

1475-Nearing adulthood, Va’lis begins to lust for the daughter of his fathers rival archmage. The resulting seperation sees the start of his gradual hatred toward his remaining parent.

1476-Nightmares begin plaguing him. Always of a temple on a snow covered island.

1477-Steals away several tomes on necromancy from his father’s private storeroom. Begins planning a trip outside of Wind for the first time in his life.

1479-Flees the city. His father’s mocking words of failure and cold laughter echo throughout his mind.

1485-Having searched much of the land in his quest for knowledge, Va’lis finally turns his gaze to the object of his nightmares. Deceit.

1485- Spends months searching through the old temple. The sights he witnesses causing the nightmares and much of his compassion to fade.

1486-Va’lis comes upon a warded room, and foolishly crosses the threshold. The captive vampire within immediately attacks the young man. Failing to escape, his life force is slowly drained away. However his refusal to pass so easily, along with his natural skills causes the vampire to instead turn him. The turning releases much of his magical talent. Over the next few years he is taught more powerful spells, swordsmanship and a few of the finer arts. His trust in his sire is absolute.

1494- First inklings of doubt as his sire begins to beat him for the most minor of failures.

1499- Confronting him, Va’lis learns he is nothing more than a tool. A weapon. Refusing to accept his fate as such, he begins plotting how to earn his freedom.

1500- Va’lis attempts to kill his sire. The following fight nearly seeing him destroyed instead. Trusting in fate, Va’lis wraps both arms around his opponent. Imbuing his sword with his own magic, the blade impales them both. Skewering the elder vampire from behind and through his heart. Draining his helpless mentor of blood, he leaves the body where it had fallen. Free now to do as he wished.

1501-Slowly begins the slip into depression without a companion or teacher.

1502-Seeking help, he returns home. His father, disgusted by what his son has become, attempts to kill him. Va’lis kills and drains his last known surviving family member. He is now completely alone in the world.

1557-Without proper guidance, he wanders aimlessly for several long years and follows his base instincts. Tales of a blood drenched mage stalking humans along the road near Wind reaches the city of Britain. Twenty guards are dispatched to deal with the issue. None return.