Witches & Warlocks



Wicca is mainly a 20th century manifestation of ancient nature worship systems based out of northern Europe that existed thousands of years ago.  So their origin would be primarily Earthen.

“Wicca is a religion rooted in the mists of Neolithic history . . . it is basically a fertility and agrarian society. It is a religion of nature worship and the subsequent interaction with nature that is dissented from that practice by the Celtic clans of Western Europe and the indigenous peoples of the British Isles, the builders of such monuments as Stonehenge.”

“Wicca originated among the Celts and other peoples who lived in the area now known as Great Britain. Wiccans celebrate the Earth and believe all living things have a spirit. They espouse pantheism and claim to see the divine in everyone. Most celebrate monthly rituals, or “esbats,” centered on the lunar cycles, and eight annual Wiccan holy days, or “sabbats,” centered around the solar cycles, solstices and equinoxes.”

These pagan oriented nature worship systems filtered down through history in countless ways but were mainly practiced in secret (and still are today). The secrecy was especially necessary during the European dominance of the Roman Catholic Church.

Basically, these pagan traditions developed out of agrarian societies where the environment had a profound effect upon survival. Those who studied the seasons and the stars sought to predict and understand the influences of the environment upon crops, cattle, rain, etc. and in so doing also desired to be able to influence these factors. It was from the desire to understand and control nature that gave rise to the various pagan and earth based worship systems.  Therefore, we can see when we study ancient European pagan writings, there are countless deities.

Additionally, an important aspect of nature worship deals with the woman.  It is the woman who was able to give birth to continue the race.  In cultures where offspring were needed to work the land, to hunt, and to care for the elderly, women were, of course, vitally necessary.  Therefore, the female became, in some cultures, mystically endowed with special powers; and this mystical endowment was transferred into the various theological pagan worship systems.

At first, there were a great number of cultures located all over the ancient European landscape. Since Europe is a large area and since weather patterns, terrain, water supplies, temperature variations, animal types, etc., varied in those areas, the development of nature worship (Druids, Celts) also took on aspects that reflected those variables. Therefore, the ancient systems could be polytheistic, monotheistic, feminine focused, masculine focused, ritualistic, calendar based, hunter based, etc.

Because of the multifaceted and buried background, the nature based worship systems were not codified, and there is no “official” pagan tradition.  Nevertheless, today’s Wicca is based upon these ancient and pagan roots.


Witches and Warlocks can only be of the human race, and retain their powers entirely through the spirit that binds them, Lasher.  Elves and gargoyles do not posses the proper lineage to be called witches or warlocks for the sake of this specific lore.

A witch/warlock is born with 92 chromosomes, doubling the normal human chromosomes of 46.  We call them “Taltos”.  Females are the dominant sex for all Taltos as only one in every 14 Taltos is born male.  Taltos females are tall, usually have fair skin, freckles, and either dark red or platinum blonde hair with either light blue or green eyes.

When a witch or warlock is turned into a vampire, they lose its bond to the spirit and thus completely severs all connection to their power.


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The fact that Taltos males are a rarity makes procreation to retain its pure power very difficult.  Often a female Taltos will mate with a human male and produce halflings. While the powers are greatly diminished, halflings posses some of the basic powers of their Taltos parent.

For Wiccan gameplay, the coven keeps very very strong witches and warlocks but they know their fealty isn’t as high. Wiccan elders have been known in the past to flip the switch and are easily persuaded to the dark side of the magic. Wiccans usually never go past the Citizen rank in gameplay (although they can be Officers or Senior Officers of the TLP Community) because Pandora and Marius bestow little trust to them. If a Wiccan ever makes it to the Legionnaire position within the coven, they have to have done some serious work to get there.


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This lore was adapted by Sue Patterson (Bianca Solderini and Maharet & Mekare) based on the previous lore written by Anne Rice, loremaster. Any updates and changes to it are reviewed by the lorekeepers, Maria Espino (Pandora and Marius) and Adam Carter (Armand).