The Others


Va’lis Razele has been murdered!  Held captive by the Guardians for his crimes against Laurana, he was murdered in cold blood without a proper trial. Pandora wants Eban’s head on a spit!  She had grown to love Va’lis and her despair at his untimely end, the true death, had left her inconsolable.  In his will he had left his most valuable possessions to her, a last show of good faith on the part of a vampire that had been so misunderstood. His beloved companions, who at one point had been ordered to chew her up and spit her out by Va’lis himself, the charge of one of his progeny — Isonu, and the care of the Blackrock Sword that had poisoned him and driven him to the point of insanity.

Pandora had hoped she would be able to save him! But that is now an impossibility.  Or is it?


To find the others, the Razele clan, and recover the lost journals that hold the key to Va’lis’ own special brand of magic.


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