The Bloody Brew

Bloody Brew - First Floor (Bar)
Bloody Brew – First Floor (Bar)

Welcome to the Bloody Brew Tavern.  We named the tavern in honor of one of our members, Pleb — who hails from the U.K. — and we make him say “Bloody Hell” in Ventrilo; a small price to pay (hehe).  It also happens to be a befitting title for what we as a guild enjoy to Role Play.  The tavern is open to “members only” on Monday nights and to all RP’ers on Thursdays nights.  It is located in the heart of our player-ran city, Vamp’s Lair.



Thursdays, 9 PM to 11 PM EST — Open to all RP’ers of the shard serving a wide variety of imported liquors as well as Olympus Rum and our own private labels — Pandora’s Perfect Pinot Noir and Lair’s Red Mist.  Vampires can order speciality brews, mixed by our half-breeds with their talent “Mixology”, that contain a variety of blood pathogens from different sources — from dark elves to the rare AB- typed blood imported from Earth.


Edwin McCormick is the resident barkeep. He is friendly, yet quiet. A good listener. He has been with the coven for over 200 years now, having been born in the city of Devonshire, England back on Earth and made a vampire by a rogue sire that left him on his own. He is grateful to the leaders for the teachings that they have provided those that they bring into the family and is fiercely loyal to them. He maintains the bar open the other nights of the week for any would-be traveler. He employs the other staff members.

Aliana Sudhiir is the latest addition to the tavern. She is an elven vampire, made a night child over 400 years ago prior to the return of the Romanus family to the lands of Sosaria. She has an affinity for exotic wines and liquors, paying well for cases of such. As a connoisseur by profession, through the years she has accustomed her vampiric body to the drinks of mortals like the ancients of the family have as well