Flavius Silva



Full Name:  Flavius Aurelius Silva
Birth Name: Flavius Aurelius Silva
Origin:  Roman
Birthday: Unknown, ~68 BC.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 212 lbs.
Markings: Multiple scars, especially across his back.
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Human
Affliction: Roman
Maker: Pandora de Romanus
Mate: Mary Drown, in Courtship
Order House:  House Romanus
Guild Rank: Praetorian
City: West Umbra
Age: 2,083
Apparent Age: 30
Masquerade Use: 80%

Flavius is super strong, even as a mortal.  He is over 200 lbs of pure muscle. His demeanor is very reserved, extremely polite. He will often look down, not out of a feeling of inferiority but more of respect for those ranked above his station, which is almost everyone in his eyes. He addressed Pandora as his Domina, and her husband Marius as Dominus, which is “master” in Latin.  Pandora, Marius, and Flavius will often speak in Latin, the language of their origin.

Vampires – While Fed:  Sharp brown eyes with golden specs, skin tone is tanned, hair color is a deep brown.
Vampires – While Hungry: Eyes turn a light brown, skin lightens becoming very pale,  hair looks dusty.


– Pandora de Romanus, Sire
– Marius de Romanus, Protego et Sire-Father


Flavius was born into slavery to parents who served one of the High Senate council members in Ancient Rome.  His whole life, servitude was all he has ever known.  At age 14, he started to develop a hard crush on the Senator’s daughter. Her name was Serafina, she was just 13.  As the two played together and developed a friendship Serafina knew that she would soon be married off to someone of her own station,  Flavius was just a slave boy.  It would never be.  At the age of 16, she was married off and left the house, forever breaking Flavius tender hear at the age of 17.

When Flavius reached the age of 23, he was sold off to Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, who would later be known as Pompey the Great.  He was the father of one ambitious determined little girl named, Lydia Atia Pompeia, who would later be known as Pandora. Flavius was put in charge of her security so the two became friends.  Lydia would read to him the works of Ovid, who became their favorite author.  She would also go on to teach Flavius to read and write, for which he was forever thankful.

At 15, Lydia fell eternally in love with the decorated, famous Legionnaire Marius de Romanus who also fell for her.  She begged her father to let her marry him, but he refused.  She was to marry a Senator’s son, of her own station.  No matter how much Marius begged, he was brutally rebuffed. Even with the rumors that Marius descended from Romulus himself, it was not enough.  Flavius saw this as a repetition of his own sad love story.  He would sneak Lydia out to meet with Marius and hide such meetings from her father and others that would find it demoralizing to the family.

Marius was sent to war on the front lines when Julius Caesar’s reign came to a bitter end with his assassination and Augustus Caesar came into power, tumultously.  Augustus fearing a revolt wanted absolute power and sought to eliminate any threats to his dominance, including Pompey the Great who had formed the First Triumvirate of the Roman Republic. Pompey was betrayed by his son, who was promised a seat in the new Senate by Augustus himself.  Flavius sought to protect the family, fought the gaurds that kept swarming the compound.  Pompey in his last moments asked Flavius to take his daughter and get out, out to Antioch.  Lydia would be held down in the chariot as her father was eventually bested by Augustus’ forces.  A sight she would never forget.

Flavius helped Lydia establish herself in Antioch with a new name… she was now known as Pandora de Romanus.  She would take Marius’ name as hers, for she loved him still.  As luck would have it,  Marius heard of another Romanus in Antioch and flocked to her.  The two would reunite and live together for nearly 10 years.  In that time Marius’ secret would be told to Flavius, but he remained steady and without fear.  In fact, he protected Marius during the daylight hours and guarded Those That Must Be Kept. And Marius would often send him out to acquire goods and supplies for them.

One such time, would be the time that a rogue would break into their home attacking Pandora and nearly draining her.  While Marius quickly dispatched the fiend,  Flavius come home to a bloody scene and his Domina now turned a vampire.  He couldn’t help but feel anger towards Marius, for now he would age, grow sick, and eventually be separated forever from his Domina. Yet she would remain eternally a mid-thirties woman. How would he fulfill his vow to his Dominus, Pompey if he aged to the point of incapability?  Once the dust cleared, Pandora saw how tortured her dear Flavius was.  She asked Marius if he would turn him as well.  He refused.  So Pandora after a few decades, found a way to do it herself.  Barely being able to, Marius found her…  and angrily coursed her through it.  Flavius could have died, but didn’t.