The Children of Darkness has made Umbra their very own “Protectorate State” and claims it as part of their in character role play.  The Imperators Pandora and Marius de Romanus serve as citizen-appointed Governors of the city itself and hold leases to many of the main buildings within Umbra Proper such as the Inn, the Necromantic Amphitheater, the Stables, and the Bloodletters Union (Healers).  We often hold many events within the city itself, utilizing the Necromantic Amphitheatre as our main venue for events.

If you visit the city,  you may find a light blue moongate that seems to be non-functional, but to the guildies in character that portal links directly to Earth, landing you in our Palisades Compound in the underground of Paris, France.  As part of our storyline, we include Earth as our “home planet”.  It allows us to sometimes take a hiatus when real life gets too busy and explain it in character when we return as “we were held up back on Earth”.

Just across the west bridge from the city is where you will find our player-owned establishments.  Anywhere from a school to a clothiers shop to private apartment complexes can be found here.  You will also find teleporters on most of the buildings just past the bridge that link you directly to “A Thousand Ways Park” in the city of Vamp’s Lair.


(1) Umbra Trade Center —  The Trade Center serves as our trades vocational center.  In character, we teach children and adults trades they can use to self-sustain.  So this building is dedicated to the arts of craft which include but are not limited to:  blacksmithing, mining, tinkering, carpentry, lumberjacking, tailoring, alchemy, inscription, and Pandora’s very own favorite, gardening.  Every month we also host an “in character” Market Day, which allows our students, as well as visitors that rent a booth, to sell their goods on a more face to face personal level.

(2) Umbra School for the Gifted — This is our school for gifted children where they are taught the basics like reading and writing and arithmetic, as well as the more advanced skills in magery, necromancy, spellweaving, mysticism, as well as tactics and melee combat skills.  We welcome anyone that would love to role play a younger character to join us at the school for classes as well as anyone that wishes to role play a teacher of the above mentioned skills. Its a lot of fun!

(3) Umbra Mall & Merchant Operations — This is our vendor house that is officially indexed by all the major search engines.  Our Director of Merchant Operations has her office there and helps to promote the shops that are placed in it.  If you would like to place a vendor, contact us or ask for Morgasse.  We welcome anyone that can follow some basic simple rules (uniforms and locations) and host your vendor free of charge.

(4) Umbra Orphanage & Dormitories — This house is dedicated to the many children out there displaced by war, death, or abandonment.  We have a nursery for the itsy bitsy babies of the land as well as a girl’s dorm and a boy’s dorm.  The rooftop features a nice recreational area.  If you would like to role play as a child orphaned in any way, come and join us.

(5) Forest View Apartments (Private Residences) —  A stellar 5-star complex featuring 3 apartments, 1 of which is a penthouse apartment that is home to none other than Lestat de Lioncourt and his beloved Louis de Point du Lac.  There are 0 vacancies in this complex. As with any private homes in real life, these places are not open to the general public but you can certainly be invited in by the tenants.

(6) West Park Apartments, Phase I (Private Residences) — A beautifully designed complex that features 8 apartments, 1 of which is a 1 bedroom with a loft. The other apartments are mostly studios but nice enough to make it a home.  Anyone that already has a house on a different shard that they do not wish to give up but wishes to have a base of operations here on Catskills to occasionally play here, can “lease” an apartment here at West Park. There are 4 vacancies in this complex. As with any private homes in real life, these places are not open to the general public but you can certainly be invited in by the tenants.

(7) West Park Apartments, Phase II (Private Residences) — The second phase of the apartments, currently under construction.  There will be a total of 6 apartments in this complex.

(8) Solderini Clothiers — Our specialty shop operated by the Countess Bianca Solderini.  Here you will find all the latest designer fashions from Sosaria’s best tailors as well as some names you may recognize from Earthly designers. This business is in development at the moment and a grand opening is planned for sometime in February.

(9) Royal Britannian Guard of Umbra Offices & Legion Headquarters — This building is shared by two military units.  The Royal Britannian Guard of Umbra, who is once again employed by the Crown in its service to citizens across the nation of Britannia, resides in the top two floors.  The bottom floor is occupied by the Legion Commanders of the Romanus Family (aka The Children of Darkness).

(10) Umbra Courthouse & Jail — Next to our “police department”, to the west, you will find our Courthouse and Jail for all our law enforcing needs.  The first floor is our custom-designed jail that utilizes a special mineral in its construction called Hectatolite (aka Moonstone). Moonstone is a magic dampener, thus effective blocking all magic of any kind to be used within its walls — a necessity for effective imprisonment of Sosaria’s loathed. The second floor is our specially designed Court House, which side entries for the Judges and the Jury as well as benches for the general public. The third floor is where the office of our Legal Counselor, Natasha Kingsley, can be found. She is a lawyer by trade, but serves as Judge in certain matters.  She is also well versed in the laws of the land and of the Six Traditions and is a thoroughly educated linguist and scribe.

(11) The Cityscape Park — A teleporter park that links West Umbra to North and South Umbra as well as Vamp’s Lair.


2nd Monday of Every Month @ 7 PM EST — The Trade Center in Umbra will host Market Day. Market Day is the opportunity to sell your wares on the fair trade market to visitors, passerby’s, and faithful clients alike. This is an “in character” event where our merchants receive a base salary of 200 silver each.  The in person trades will be payable in SILVER.

The Full Moon’s Ball Every 3rd Month on Full Moon @ 8 PM EST — Once a month we hold the Full Moon’s Ball for all the citizens of Sosaria to enjoy. So, dress up in your fanciest attire, come and mingle, and drink the finest imported and home-brewed selections that Sosaria has to offer! Most often held in the great city of Umbra, at the Necromantic Amphitheatre.

The Halloween’s Masquerade Ball — On or near October 31st of every year, we dust off or create new costumes to don our best personas and nonchalantly interact with humans under false pretenses. *chuckles* On this day we can be vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires.  Most often held in the great city of Umbra, at the Necromantic Amphitheatre or sometimes at the Necromancer Arena.