The Draconians


Davido_DraconisLong time rivals of the Romanus family back on Earth, the  London-based Draconians are what we like to call “vampire supremacists”. They believe the world should be ruled by vampires and that humans should be nothing more than food. Everything they do is centered around the premise that we’re somehow superior beings. The property they own, the businesses they keep, the programs they run and invest in… everything is tied back to vampire sustainability and independence from blood in an effort to perhaps one day be rid completely of humans.

Coven Leader, Davido Draconis, or David Draco as he is known in modern times, is one of the most sadistic vampires to ever have walked the Earth.  It is said that he descends directly from Akasha herself, which makes him as ancient as she is, as powerful as she is, and as deadly. He has been obsessed with the concept that through the use of technology, we can genetically enhance the vampiric nature, meld it to their own will, essentially erasing their flaws — like their dependency on blood or their severe aversion to sunlight.  The quest for the perfect vampire is quite at the center of everything that Davido does. But Davido sleeps the dead sleep now… it is Gaius and Atlais that lead the coven until which time Davido should wake, if ever.  But they have been trying for decades to sway the Romanus family to adopt their philosophies.  They seem to think they can convince Marius to their cause…  but at the core, Marius Antonius Romanus is not without his morals, his honor, and his laws.  They better be prepared for a fight!


To continue to fight for the right to be treated as equals in all planets and facets, without instilling fear or worry for our mortal counterparts, while pushing back the efforts made by vampire extremists.


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