The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 23

Marius turned to Lestat and I and said, “They are putting Va’lis on the stand.” Lestat immediately winced, “They not only forced him to make Carrie, they then abducted, tortured, and beat her.  You really think he’ll be able to keep his cool? I know I wouldn’t.”  I sat there thinking before I spoke, “I have some faith in him. I mean those are the biggest reasons we are here to begin with. Them taking Va’lis and holding him hostage for a week then forcing him to create a progeny. That’s a huge break in the laws. Even for rogues, you’re not allowed to force the creation of progeny on anyone.”

Marius looked at both of us, but said nothing. David came back and Carrie soon followed. She looked resolute, but I wondered for how long. She looked at me and smiled trying not to look at the Draco’s. Natasha apparently stayed up preparing Va’lis.

Carrie was sworn in without any dramatics and her questioning began. Counselor Windsor always  going first.

The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 4

armand-sexy-2I stared into Marius’ eyes. I could see his worry that Lestat and I would be overwhelmed with having to step into his shoes as head of this family.  I shot Lestat a quick glance and nodded in understanding. Lestat was amazing this way, when he HAD TO step up he stepped up in a big way. He was clutch like that. I knew he would do his very best and he would be the one to hold Pandora together.

I could see how much Marius loved Mary, my sister, and how he worried that with the threats made against her, she would be harmed or killed. He could not bare that thought. It hurt him to have to tell her to stay and he was thankful that Flavius was home and that he would take care of Mary.

I could also see how he longed for Va’lis who had become like a brother to me, much more so than my wife’s sire. He had grown to love him and everything we’re going through now was really because he loved him so much that the harm that came to Carrie at the hands of The Draconians so vexed him that he could not contain his rage. I know my sire. I know his brutality and for him to have lost all control like that takes a lot. It is not something anyone would want to witness. 

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The Tribunal of Marius de Romanus, Pt. 1

marius-and-maryI knew the time had come. Monday is the Tribunal.  David and Maharet had done all they could do, at least I wouldn’t be put down like a lame dog. But I would be away from my family, my Lydia. That hurt me more than anything else. I know that as much as she sometimes gets overwhelmed by my antics, Lydia is actually a very sensitive woman and the knowledge that I am out there somewhere where she can run to is a big comfort for her. I am not sure that anyone would be able to quiet the silence that she would feel if they sentence me to a box. Not even Va’lis, for as much as she loves him and he loves her — it’s not the same. That desperation was one I felt when Lydia taken from me and only when you have that kind of love could you ever truly relate. But there was no turning back now, I must face the music. 

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 4

epic-sword-battleBlood, chaos, war, what beauty in it all. I watched as the beautiful Danielle Draco fell from the tower into the courtyard and gracefully to her feet. Immidiately I sent Louis and Armand inside to fetch Astoria. I knew they needed me to distract the bastards down here. I quickly flipped out a heavey compact axe I newly aquired and set my sites on Danielle. She was the strongest, and quickest of the lot here. We fought in the most barbaric ways, axe against knives, fists to fists. Her blows hurt but thanks to the blood of Akasha, I indured.

I swiped my axe and landed a blow across her belly, her scream rang through the courtyard. Amroth had appeared from inside carrying the body of one of Armands maids. And soon came to my aid. Together we backed the girl into a tight corner where she could not escape. Two halfbreeds came at me to defend Danielle..with two strokes I decapitated their heads from their shoulders in a bloody mess. As I flicked their blood off my axe I continued at Danielle. Blow for blow once more we were evenly matched.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 12

paris-france-pallisadesLouis sat and waited. He was watched the window like he longed for the sun to come through it. Maharet had returned and Marius was running after her. He could hear what they were saying, or rather what Marius was saying.

Lestat sat up and went to follow Marius, he longed for news of Merida whom he had gotten close due to Saphira’s talents.  Louis was quick to grab him, “Where do you think you’re going?” Louis questioned his lover and maker. Lestat stopped and looked at him, “Why do we wait on the elders to make their move?” “Because those are the rules, Lestat. We follow the rules. And until Marius comes in here to tell us to move, we sit. We wait.” Louis’ loyalty annoyed him but Lestat knew he was right. To question Marius’ or worse Maharet’s decisions would shake the foundation on which we built our coven and all the bloodlines in it. 

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Forgiveness Begets Love


There comes a time in the life of every vampire when we are forced to surrender to the will of another and only the power of another can make you see the truth. For me, that was the moment I understood that the pain of another vampire would help me get through my own pain. Pandora de Romanus had let down her guard, as I had, and let the laughter of children into her unbeating heart. Saralyn and Brelynn had been the absolute joy of her otherwise boring, repetitious life.  Those girls had meant the world to her as Claudia had to me.  When Saralyn was murdered, the entire event took me to a deep dark part of my own story that I had buried behind a curtain of hatred, bitterness, and ignorance.

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Paris, France – Oh Shi…

maryconcert2The concert was a success. Mary was bigger and louder then she has ever been, my pride in her knows no bounds. I saw my Louie in the private booth with Marius and Pandora, and Mary’s student boy, Jace. I watched his reactions to this lifestyle I live. Nervous, and a bit uneasy, but he did not leave. I knew we would be alright. I had yet to tell him, Mary and I had a full spread in Rolling Stones Magazine coming up very soon. I plan to “come out” to the world then.

Amy Lee of U.S. band Evanescence performs during a concert in Mexico city

At the end of the concert Mary began playing her newest song, “Lost in Paradise.” She had written that to Marius, her love for him runs deep and it pains her. I made a rash decision, and pulled out an instrument I had not played in some years, I figured, hey! Akasha’s on another world, she can’t hear me here, can she? Who the fuck cares, I’m doing it! I played Nicki’s violin along side Mary’s exquisite piano playing. We made quite the pair. The music took over us, we made love to it on that stage and by god did we ever get off on it. I made that baby scream for Mary, her keys whined for me. We felt the crowd bend and cry out for more. I wanted more!

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Always the Favorite

newyorkWhy on earth is it that I am the one people come to when their lives fall into a hard spot? I was there when Marius lost his beloved daughter Saralyn. I was there for Pandora when she released her beloved Va’lis. I was the one to care for Marius’ lost childe, Mary. I brought her back to him; let them continue with what they had forgotten. And now here I sit in my pent house in New York with Marius, having a few drinks, well more then a few, that man can drink! Nearly all of my private stock is gone. Blasted ancients and their obsessive drinking problems. I listened to him pine over his beloved Wife and his Mistress, how they betrayed him, how he’s a failure with them..blah blah blah. The man is in hysterics.

He loves both women unconditionally. And so hurt at their betrayal; leave it to me to be the one to tell him, hey! It isn’t betrayal! Pandora rescued Mary from the darkness again, because he abandoned her there. AGAIN! I love Marius deeply, but he needs to sort out his anger problem. It took a week for me to make Marius calm down enough to return home. I left him in his house and found Mary, I explained to Pandora that he was calmed, and ready to be spoken to, and that I would take Mary back to earth and prepare more concerts, live her life more. Pandora readily agreed and let us leave that hour.

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