Alexa Stuart

Full Name:
Birth Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: (Human/Elf/Gargoyle: Gargoyles are restricted from being vampires, half-breeds, or werewolves)
Affliction: (Vampire/Half Breed/Werewolf/Witch or Warlock/None for Mortals)
Maker/Master/House: (Name of Your Maker for Vampires; Pack Master for Lycans; House for Witches and Warlocks; None for Mortals)
Mate: (Name of Your Mate If Any)
Guild Rank: (Your Rank)
Order House: (House which you are registered with in the Order of the Talamasca)
City: (Vamp’s Lair/Umbra Usually; Where You Live)
Age: (Your True Age)
Apparent Age: (Age You Were Turned or Appear to Be for Vampires/Half Breeds/Lycans/Witches/Warlocks/Elvish)
Masquerade Use: (% of Your Hidden Self)

A description of your characters personality, characteristics, and disposition.

Here, you will want to add any outstanding physical features that your character may have:
Vampires – While Fed:  (What you look like when you have fed recently.)
Vampires – While Hungry: (What you look like when you have not fed.)

Werewolves – Human Form: (What you look like when you are human.)
Werewolves – Wolf Form: ( What you look like when you are wolf.)
Werewolves – Rage: (What you look like when you are enraged.)


Here you will want to list your progeny or kinfolk.

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