No Place to Hide

fae-lordThere was no place to hide.  So when you have no place to hide, what do you do? You hide in plain sight.

The Razele twins sought to trick and deceive the best tricksters of the land — the Fae of Ilshenar.  Using illusions or perhaps even the Form Shift Gift, they managed to conceal their true identities and posed for members of the Fae. The Fae of Ilshenar are ruled by the one they call the Fae Lord Oaks and his devious bride, the Forest Queen Silvani.  Surely, it wouldn’t take too much convincing to on their part to have the Fae fight against vampires; not knowing they are aiding and abetting vampire criminals themselves. They would not listen to reason, there would not be any bargain or compromise from Lord Oaks — it was war they wanted.

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If It’s War They Want…

marius-fire-giftIt’s war they will get.

I do not think anyone will be prepared to see just how powerful I truly am.  After over 2000 years of this life, whatever life it may be, there is little I have not yet mastered. My favorite of which is my Fire Gift; the spontaneous internal combustion of any living, or undead, creature that has blood running through its veins. I plan to use it liberally. And just for the record… Pandora has this gift mastered as well.  The two of us together, finally together, are pretty damn near unstoppable.

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Rescue from Darkness

Dark-Art_death_lichIt was time.

Time for the assault on the Lich, deep within the Abyss. Pandora was there. I…We… were certain of it. Marius and myself had glimpsed the place within my traitorous childes blood, but who knows how long ago that knowledge came to him. But still, we were certain.

It had only been a few days after my revival, and here I was throwing myself into a battle yet again. Typical. Pandora. . . Only for you would I do this.

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The Journey to the Truth Is So Much Sweeter

marcus_bitesThe gift that I had acquired for Va’lis was Davian Pasteur.  We had had him extradited to Vamp’s Lair from our fortress in Night Island off the coast of the Keys in Florida back on Earth. He was not told of our plans to resurrect his former master, so obviously when Va’lis Razele walked in the door of our prison floor, the shocked look on his face was genuine. He knew he would meet his end.

Davian backed up against the wall as his master stepped forward… the fear in him palpitated throughout the room. Excitement seemed to grab a hold of Merida, Va’lis other progeny, while Isonu looked indifferent. Amroth looked like he was holding back from doing the job himself. Once Va’lis grabbed Davian by the throat and lifted him into the wall, indenting the concrete hecatolite wall behind Davian with his rage and strength, I knew it was over for him.

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The Resurrection of Va’lis Razele

resurrectionWell it has come to this.

I am afraid of what the future will hold for our kind and our anonymity should this get out. However, it is a risk I am willing to take.

After Vandion revealed to us that the body found in the Blood Dungeon as we searched for clues to the whereabouts of the others was a half-breed with clear signs of mind-control magic, it quickly came together for all of us.  These other progeny of Va’lis are now working with the ancients that took Pandora. Somehow, their focus has changed from acquisition of the Divine Parents to whatever information these rogue vampires gave them… something of more definite power.  Isonu says it could only mean one thing: The Blackrock Sword.

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Forensic Report on Subject #VL277

brain-tissue-samplesCherry Spy and Kagome’s find in the Blood Dungeon while they looked for the whereabouts of the so-called others was dropped off at my office for extensive detail. The request coming from our sovereign, Marius de Romanus, I put myself to quick work.

My initial suspicions were correct, the body was indeed that of a half-breed. Half-vampire, half-human.  Looked to be a white female in her mid-thirties, auburn hair and green eyes. The body showed signs that it had been beaten, tortured. My initial conclusion to the cause of death had been blunt force trauma to the back of the head.  I put the time of death at 3 days ago, somewhere between 1 and 2 in the morning.

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A Clue Among the Blood Stains

blood-dungeonWe gathered at the Tavern to talk about our excursion.  I was late.  It seems that trying to find adequate progeny in this land is proving to be a difficult task. I have been lurking about, surveying the land, trying to find someone that might be worth the journey.  I know Marius has tasked us with expanding our family; he’s eager for fresh new blood. As a guardian, I must comply… but that’s really a pain in my arse and taking away from my daily beautification routine. Thus, I am late.

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The Search for A Clue


After the service for my daughter Saralyn, we gathered at the Bloody Brew. Isonu seemed anxious to tell me what he had been working on; the note we found at Fan Dancers that needed decryption. The threat of these bandits that seem to be rogue vampires created for a specific purpose by Va’lis Raze’le is very real. They seem to want whatever he had discovered, which I am sure has to do with the source of Va’lis’ power. Its thoroughly depressing to think that these humans were not properly validated to be given the Dark Gift, but then again that’s probably not something that Va’lis was taught to do. Only Isonu seems to be of any formidable value.

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Deadly Beauty


Upon orders from our coven leader Marius, we were to venture into the great isles of Tokuno to investigate the reasons behind Va’lis’ notes would be hidden there. Isonu mentioned that he has been attacked by stealthy characters once he had retrieved partial entries of Va’lis’ journal from deep within the Dojo. It is our charge to seek answers, so I asked one of my more formidable Legionnaires, Harvey Daniels to come along with me. We summoned our best fighters, Dragula and Alejandro to accompany us.  As we were preparing our dragons, my maker Amroth came to me. He gave me a shadow sextant infused with shadow magic, certain to be more accurate.  It would also glow a deep blue if there were Balrons near. Legend did have it that Tokuno has several Balrons that make it it’s residence. He hugged me and wished us both well on our journey.

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Torn Notes from a Journal

journalReports surfaced today that part of the journal notes may have been found. Only that when found, they were immediately taken. Isonu was not able to hold off these two assailants and they got away with whatever was found. Isonu tells me this occurred by the Fan Dancers in Tokonu. I have left word with Cherry Spy to command her Beast Legion and search for anything out of the ordinary in Fan Dancers and she is to report directly to Isonu; he’s in charge.

– M