Royal Britannian Guard


The Royal Britannian Guard is one of the oldest institutions within the realm of Sosaria.  Lord British himself founded it.  We believe the laws of mortals, and how they are kept, is an important factor in developing relationships with them. More importantly, an RBG chapter was founded by Queen Dawn in the region of Umbra after the events of Ix Tab and the havoc and destruction that came at the hands of LICH. We have been a supporting presence to the RBG of Umbra, headed by Capt. Kalmar Erikkson, as they have established their headquarters in the region — a region we now control.

During times of turmoil after Queen Dawn’s murder, the RBG was eliminated from the Crown’s govern after some chapters were persuaded to turn against it.  We have dubbed this time “The Great Divide”, as some regiments did not wish to separate from the Crown at all.  At that point, our family did not want to loose the security and reliance of its citizens in the presence of the RBG in our lands, thus we offered to keep employing the Guards in return for their continued patrols and civility.

More recently, the Crown has overseen the efforts to re-unify the regiments under its own payroll. Those regiments that stayed true to the spirit of the Order, have been welcomed back with open arms by our new monarch, King Blackthorn.


Interact and support the RBG in its many endeavors to restore peace and harmony to the world around them. For more information on this division of CoD, please click here.


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