Maharet and Mekare

Maharet and Mekare, The First Brood

Full Name: Mekare Reeves and Maharet Reeves
Birth Name: Mekare Revanatziah and Maharet Revanatziah
Origin: Ancient Egyptian (known then as Kemet)
Birthday: Unknown, Prehistoric.
Hair Color: Fire Red
Eye Color: Jade to Emerald Green (Maharet’s eyes will change color based on the victims in which she steals the eyes.)
Height: 5’2″ (Maharet), 5’0″ (Mekare)
Weight: 102 lbs (Maharet), 98 lbs (Mekare)
Markings: Maharet’s eyes decay over time.  Mekare has no tongue.  Both have chest tattoos of the ancient Kemetian tribe they belonged to.
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Akasha, Queen of Kemet, Queen of the Damned
Order House: House Kemet (the house of the First Brood, led by Khayman)
Mate: Khayman, The Great (Maharet) (Mekare has never had another since her rape.)
Function:  Advisory
City: Unknown
Age: Over 6,700+
Mortal Age: Late 20’s, 28-29.
Masquerade Use: 100%

Immensely powerful and possessing every known vampiric gift known in existence, the twins are extremely telepathic and telekinetic.

Mekare knows that she can speak if she removes the tongue of her victims but opts not to resort to such savagery.  Instead she uses her talents to insert herself into the mind, which often startles the target, to talk through their mind.  Mekare no longer has a need to feed, having conquered her thirst thousands of years ago as did her sister, and refuses to feed from mortals under any circumstances. She will however feed from her own kind.

She speaks, in her special way, fluently in several languages including their original form of Kemetian.  Mekare is an Elementalist possessing control over both Water and Earth.  She posseses all basic elementalist talents including her own specializations in Water and Earth.

Maharet feeds often, having no need to, but it helps her retain a more mortal look to her physicality that she enjoys and restores her vision as she takes the eyes of her victims.  She is sociable, well adjusted, and interacts often with the mortal world.  She is a counselor to the Children of the Millennia and often visits their covens.  She is as powerful as Akasha or Enkil and shares that power with others of The First Brood — original vampires created by Akasha and Enkil in Ancient Kemet. She dutifully keeps the historical records of her entire mortal family — originating with her daughter, Miriam.

She and Khayman married quietly after their initial reunion and she keeps herself only to him, never indulging in sexual activities with others as vampires often do. Her marriage to Khayman is a source of great conflict between the sisters.  See not only is Khayman the biological father of Miriam, he was also ordered to violate both sisters, taking their virginities before sucumming to Akasha’s bite.

She also speaks ancient Kemetian, which she uses to communicate with Khayman and Mekare, amongst several other languages including English, French, Italian, German, and of course Egyptian and Arabic. Maharet is also an Elementalist possessing control over both Air and Fire.  She posseses all basic elementalist talents including her own specializations in Air and Fire.

The sisters often combine their elemental energies to great destruction and savage consequences.  This makes their bloodline extremely powerful. Any descendants can be born with the dormant ability to become Elementalists, often awakening after some great traumatic event. Many can retain the recessive genes and never awaken.  Their traits are the red hair, fair skin, and green eyes.

While Fed: A light skin tone with pink undertones, radiant bright green eyes (for Maharet her eyes would be the color of the eyes of her victims), long naturally wavy fiery red hair in varying shades, nails appear normal.

While Hungry: Shockingly pale white, almost marble like. Eyes turn a dull green (Maharet’s eyes remain unchanged), hair is dull almost dirty matte red, nails glimmer like glass, but would be kept painted.

=== PROGENY ===

– Maharet (created by Mekare with the assistance of Khayman)

Maharet and Mekare are identical twins that as mortals had the power to talk to spirits, witches as they were titled, until they were given the “dark gift ” and made vampires. The Gift strips most if not all of the subject’s supernatural powers rendering them in their new form as vampires. They suffered terrible punishments during their mortal years. The first one being forced rape at the hands of Akasha by Khayman himself; he never forgave himself for that. Maharet then gave birth to Khayman’s daughter named Miriam. In hopes of saving her from the fangs of Akasha and Enkil, Khayman and Maharet sent the child far away. When they were caught again a second time, their punishment was Maharet had both her eyes plucked out, and Mekare had her tongue cut out by Akasha with Khayman made to watch. Akasha ordered their destruction and imprisoned them.

Khayman was tortured for his part and then turned into a vampire by Akasha herself.  Akasha thought Khayman would now do as he was told and that all feeling for Maharet and her sister would have died with his mortality but, Khayman was angry with his king and queen for what they had done. He decided that if she was to be stopped he was to make Mekare and Maharet vampires, to enhance their powers and give them immortality, which would benefit them all greatly. He broke in to the prison and offered his powers to Mekare. Knowing she would lose her power of talking with the spirits, she still accepted the “dark gift” and she in turn then gave it to her sister Maharet also.

Later, with Khayman’s help, they escaped as vampires only to be recaptured, entombed in separate coffins and thrown into the ocean. Maharet on the eastern shore and Mekare to the west. They were to be separated and never to find each other again… entombed in the bottom of the ocean for all time. Khayman, unable to save them again, fled to save himself and keep watch over his daughter. He disconnected himself from the rest of the world and made no contact with any other vampire for a very long time watching Miriam’s mortal line from a distance. His broken undead heart continuously calling out to Maharet and Mekare feeling terribly responsible for the fate that befell them. It is said he cried rivers of blood for them.

Eventually, those cries reached the twins… they managed to free themselves from their tombs.  Mekare first. But without the ability to speak, she disappeared into the jungle. Maharet searched the Earth for her sister, but instead found Khayman. Maharet had regained her sight when she found that taking the eyes of her victims would bring it back. She never forgave Akasha for what she had done and when she heard the story of Those Who Must Be Kept she knew it was them. She and Khayman went to them and pierced Akasha’s heart with a knife. Maharet felt the pain of the knife and quickly released it. She understood then that the life of vampires was held in Akasha’s soul and to destroy her would be to destroy all other vampires, including Khayman and her sister Mekare where ever she was.

Khayman showed Maharet the lineage they had created, known as “The Great Family”.  Maharet joined Khayman in keeping watch over their mortal line, to keep herself from going insane and she avoided memory blocks (which is common in all vampires) by joining with her daughter Miriam’s family. Over the centuries the came up with a story to avoid any suspicions about them: the family had one branch of women that had the same fire red hair, and were given the same name of Maharet. They were made the record keepers of their family. Little did they know, that it was only the one Maharet that kept the records of their family history. Khayman and Maharet stayed together and became husband and wife, both calling out to Mekare in the hopes that she would find them.

Mekare did eventually find them.  The reunion was bitter sweet when Mekare forced Maharet to leave Khayman and her mortal family. Mekare held contempt for Khayman still for not saving them before their entombment. Khayman still on occasion does see the sisters and still is married and very much devoted to his love for Maharet and the Reeves family. Mekare never looks at Khayman.