Kickstart Serum: Details


The Process of Application

The kickstart serum is a serum that was created by Marius de Romanus, utilizing his skilled knowledge in biochemistry and biomedics.  Marius holds several degrees from the University of Paris in Paris, Frace and from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and 1 from Oxford University in Oxford, England.

First, a subject is injected with the Conduit Substance. This is a parasitic poison combined with ground nightshade, crushed nox crystals, and pure vinegar that will act as the conduit for a triggered delivery of the actual serum which is in essence a controlled explosion.  Of course this hurts, and hurts plenty!

Second, the subject is injected with a Fusilage Substance. This utilizes in part 80% crushed blackrock and 20% Dragon’s Blood, compounded into a thick black substance that is used as the fuse to the explosion that brings vampiric cells back to life.

Third, the subject is injected with the Protectorant Subtance. It utilizes a combination of rare materials (crushed moonstone, brimstone, a whole lot of liquified putrefaction, and dash of captured essence, petrolleum jelly, aluminum hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda) that act as a protectant to the explosion and also the match, which is the power inate to only the Ricean vampires — the Fire Gift.  It takes two very powerful, bi-millennia or older vampires to set their Fire Gift at full force to create enough power to set off the explosion.

Fourth, subject is injected (in the heart) with the Kickstart Serum itself.  This is where Marius shines because he took the progenitor’s own blood to reverse engineer the serum… in essence it works backwards. What is in it exactly no one will ever know, or perhaps very select few. Do know that most of the materials for it are of Earthen origin.  A minimum of 4 CC’s is needed and with age more of the serum can be injected.  The First Brood is currently up to 120 CC’s of the serum, which lasts 6-7 full days.  As Marius perfects the serum, less will be needed for more prolonged effects.

Fifth, the subject then must endure the reaction of the spontaneous combustion that must occur for the serum to bond to vampiric cells. As the Conduit Substance only lasts for a very specific period of time, a short window is available for the Fire Gift to in essence “light the fire” from within the vampire’s body kicking off the Fusilage Substance, once lit, that makes the vampiric cells acclimate and bond with the serum.

Once the bond happens, the heart is the first organ affected — it begins to pump flooding the body with mortal blood. This only helps the serum further bond to other organs through the vampire’s body.  Organs come alive one by one.  The lungs, the brain and it’s nervous system, the digestive system, etc. the torsal organs pretty much only take 45 minutes to one hour to be fully functional. It would take 6-7 hours for all organs to “come online”.  So vampires that cannot sustain the process longer than that do not see all organs return to their mortal state.

Age, Time, Amounts

Age is a major, major factor in this process.  Vampires with the physicality of a millennia vampire (1,000+ years old or higher) would be most favorable to survive not the serum itself but the spontaneous combustion that ignites the whole process.  Age also affects how much of the Conduit, Fusilage, and Protectorant Substances you need as well as how much of the Kickstart Serum you can take thus affecting how long it will last.

Bottom line — the older the better.  Here are the current stats (they will improve with time):


Age Required — Time it Lasts — CC Amts. Required

1000-1200, 2-3 hours, 4 cc’s1200-1400, 3-4 hours, 5 cc’s

1400-1600, 4-5 hours, 6 cc’s

1600-1800, 5-6 hours, 7 cc’s

1800-2000, 6-7 hours, 8 cc’s

2000-2200, 7-8 hours, 9 cc’s

2200-2400, 8-9 hours, 10 cc’s

2400-2600, 9-10 hours, 11 cc’s

2600-2800, 10-11 hours, 12 cc’s

2800-3000, 11-12 hours, 13 cc’s

3000-3200, 12-13 hours, 14 cc’s

3200-3400, 13-14 hours, 15 cc’s

3400-3600, 14-15 hours, 16 cc’s

3600-3800, 15-16 hours, 17 cc’s

3800-4000, 16-17 hours, 18 cc’s

4000-4200, 17-18 hours, 19 cc’s

4200-4400, 18-19 hours, 20 cc’s

4400-4600, 19-20 hours, 21 cc’s

4600-4800, 20-21 hours, 22 cc’s

4800-5000, 21-22 hours, 23 cc’s

5000-5200, 22-23 hours, 24 cc’s

5200-5400, 23-24 hours, 25 cc’s

5400-5600, 24-25 hours, 26 cc’s

5600-5800, 25-26 hours, 27 cc’s

5800-6000, 26-27 hours, 28 cc’s

6000-6200, 27-28 hours, 29 cc’s

6200,6400, 28-29 hours, 30 cc’s

6400-6600, 29-30 hours, 31 cc’s

6600-6800, 30-31 hours, 32 cc’s

6800-7000, 31-32 hours, 33 cc’s


Special Exceptions to Note

The First Brood (and of course Akasha and Enkil who are the progenitors) can double, even tripple, the effects of the Kickstart Serum because their blood is the purest. The son’s and daughter’s of Akasha herself would be able to sustain the amounts needed. After that immediate line, however, the blood becomes too diluted

Currently Maharet and Mekare can take up to 120 cc’s which lasts them nearly a full week.  They have been the only subjects to date from the First Brood to take the serum.  Maharet wishes, much like many of the women in our coven, to experience child birth once again with Khayman. In essence re-furbishing the Reeves line. Her mortal gene pool remains to this day the most important thing to her, to Mekare, and to Khayman.

Bloodlines outside the Akasha line have not been tested, but Marius will commence tests of such outside lines with some help in their well… acquisition.