The Aftermath, Pt. 1

learjet-85-pandora-skybird-intI loaded our car up; Merida changed to the back seat, she was holding Astoria’s head in her lap trying to soothe her. Astoria had been beaten and then nearly drained. We had our medic trying to infuse her with transfusions of human blood but nothing was working. Her mortal body was just too weak. She was hemorrhaging internally from her injuries. Merida was now caressing her face and hair while she let out a tear or two. She loved Astoria for her kids loved her just the same.

I got into the car on the other side in the back and closed the door. The car was now moving. “We can’t let her die, not like this. this is our fault. Mine really, they took her to get me to talk. Had I not been so stubborn—” Merida broke down. Watching my wife’s sad heart was too much for me, I pulled Astoria to me without a word, carefully holding her on my lap. “This is not your fault, let it be me she hates for condemning her to this life,” I told my wife before I bit into Astoria’s neck and drained what little she still had. I ripped into my wrist and pulled it up to Astoria’s lips, letting my blood spill into her mouth. Astoria roused a bit, just enough to latch on and drink fully from me. Merida watched, crying still feeling so guilty for it all. 

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 6

Merida4~~~*** As Merida ***~~~

I heard Maharet voice, I was relieved. I got up at her command and fell into the arms of a man I’ve never met, but somehow knew…Khayman. I was safe now. But my worry for Carrie was there still, as was for Astoria, was she still alive? Was Armand going to her? My world dimmed as I felt Khayman lift me with flight gift and got me out of there. Maharet on his tail. Maharet fed me her blood and I felt my wounds being cleaned and tended to. I felt the love of something I’ve never felt before, parents? I was comforted and felt myself get stronger, my body anyway. I heard the gunshots and cries of those dying. I wept. I couldnt stop the tears and shaking.

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Blood Will Flow, Pt. 3

Entrance to the Tower of LondonLestat, Louis, and Armand bust through the front gates after taking out the outside guards. Maharet and Khayman had gone off to do rescue Merida. Armand was confident that Maharet would return his wife to him. As they come up to the courtyard they shoot down the guards now flooding the it; Draconian forces.  A combination of mortals and half-breeds, easily dispatched.  The vampires that would follow would not be so easy.

Just then they heard screams coming from the skies and see Danielle Draco falling to the ground; she straightens herself just in time to land on her feet with a loud thud. Lestat goes in for her and they face off… The Bratty Princess of the Draconians vs. the Brat Prince of the Romanus’; this should be interesting.

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Getting What Belongs to Us, Pt. 9

astoriaI hurried the servants as quickly as I could. After Pandora and Bianca came for the kids I knew I needed to get to Armand’s side quickly. With Merida being kidnapped I knew he was a mess. I’ve come to love my new family. Armand easily became my best friend along with his beloved wife. on earth my powers are limited if not non-existent. I could still see spirits, I could communicate with them, but I could not perform a single spell. I’ve learned to cope. Armand, Merida and their beautiful children mean more to me then anything else.

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Getting Back What Belongs to Us, Pt. 8

solderini-franchessi-villa-venice-frontZeeke made her way through the villa in Venice, carefully searching every room. She came to the realization that the children were no longer in the house. David would be disappointed if she came back empty handed. She saw that several staff members were still lingering in the house, packing up as quickly as they can on orders to retreat to the Parisian compound. One of them had just returned from what seemed like a long trip, she was commanding the others to make haste. Young and beautiful, they called her Astoria.

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