Imperators are usually the guild leaders.  They are often referred to as our “Coven Leaders” but because of our hidden nature, we are deemed Imperators of our empire.  The leaders of CoD have always and will always remain Pandora and Marius, both played by Pandora.  They are on different accounts and can be played via dual logging.  Their story thus far is as follows.

Pandora and Marius are husband and wife, eternally. Marius is Pandora’s maker, however he exudes very little power over her. Not because he can’t but more because he choses not to. Both are over 2,000 years old and posses exceptional powers and attain almost, if not, all gifts available to them. Together they rule over vast territory in both Sosaria and on Earth. In Sosaria, they are the preeminent owners of the surrounding areas west of the city of Umbra, which has been appropriately named West Umbra. They are city administrators for the city of Vamp’s Lair, or more commonly known as The Lair. On Earth they are heavily involved in the arts owning several theaters, concert venues, and sports complexes all over that world with primary compounds, such as the Palisades in Paris, France and Night Island off the coast of Miami, Florida, as their dwellings. They are also the commander in chiefs for a vast military and naval installations throughout all territories to ensure the safety of all their citizens. However, they are first and foremost business entrepreneurs, so trade is the foreground for all their activity. As the Malas moon is locked out to the rest of Sosaria, the family has sought to keep existing leases on the southern most island of Jhelom, where they have stationed their main import/export operations.  As business people, they rely on their anonymity to thrive.

They have sired several kin, but only just recently have adopted two twin girls left to them by their family. The twins proved to be half-breeds. Essentially the twins have three parents — the human birth mother that is turned by the Dark Gift, the vampire sire that bit her, and the human father that originally impregnated the woman. Nothing is known of the whereabouts of the mother, what her fate is. It is known that she begged for the life of the twins and left them in the care of their human father. The village started to notice the ailments of the girls. Their seemingly pale skin, fierce eyes, severely slowed growth… they thought it would be a contagious affliction, so they ordered the father to be rid of them. The father sought Pandora out because she is a very predominantly wealthy and powerful woman in Malas society and surely she would be able to provide the medical care that they would need. Something he could no longer provide as he has aged as humans do and is nearing the end of his life. With no one left wanting to care for the twins, he gave them up for adoption to Pandora and Marius. Marius issued an immediate capture order for the vampire that sired them, as it is forbidden to create half-breeds.


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