Finding Hecatolite


Hecatolite is a material, often referred to as Moonstone, that comes from the deepest mines found on Earth.  It contains a magical property that completely blocks all supernatural and magical abilities.  The jail that once stood in the heart of Vamp’s Lair has now been moved to be closer to the RBG and Legion headquarters, thus the original building had to be demolished.  We were only able to salvage 40% of the hecatolite that had been used in its original construction. As such our new jail in West Umbra only contains one magical dampening cell in it.  Our efforts are to expand the use of hecatolite, or a mineral like it, so that the entire building is refurbished with it’s use. This would ensure that all criminals held within its walls were unable to use their supernatural or magical powers.


Search the lands for an abundant source of hecatolite or perhaps find a new world material in the lands of Sosaria that would have the similar effect.


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