Marcus Agrippa

marcus-agrippa_shane-brolly=== FACTSHEET ===

Full Name: Marcus Aurelius Agrippa
Birth Name: Marcus Aurelius Agrippa
Origin: Roman
Birthday: 45 AD
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 217 lbs.
Markings: Scars across his back, torso, left leg… typical war wounds.
Lore Used: Ricean
Race: Human
Affliction: Vampire
Maker: Lucretius Avitus, deceased.
Mate: Several
Guild Rank: Praetorian
Order House: House Romanus; previously House Avitus, a sub house.
City: Paris, France / West Umbra
Age: 2,060
Apparent Age: 40
Masquerade Use: 100%



Marcus is sarcastic and witty. But underneath it all Marcus is a soldier, through and through. He obeys. Period. Those that he creates are similar in this characteristic and often serve in our legion.  He is an expert in hand to hand combat and can effectively wield any weapon or bow with a high degree of perfection. He is trained in martial arts — more specifically Ju Jitsu and Kung Fu — having achieved a double black belt in both.

He is a ladies man, often having several women in bed every night… and often not the same women.  He has occasionally given in to his desires for men, and will on occassion bed a man.  One such man was Marius de Romanus — however briefly — once or twice centuries ago.  He also slept with his sire quite frequently up until his death in battle. The Blood Desire never really subsided for them.  He took the death of his sire harshly.

He connects with Cherry in a very professional way.  Admires her for her accomplishments despite her gender. He asked to be her Praetorian.  Cherry of course feels she doesn’t need one, but rules are rules…. and in her eyes, who better than Marcus.  She believes him to be an exceptional warrior that constantly hones the art of efficient killing.  The admiration is mutual, but strictly respectful and professional.



Marcus is tall, dark, exceptionally good looking, and very muscular.

While Fed:  Hair shines, nails look normal, eyes are a beautiful deep shade of blue.

While Hungry: Hair looks dull, nails are pale, eyes turn a light dull blue.



Several sire-sibilings as Lucretius was quite prolific.

Marcus has turned a total of 6 progeny, of which 5 are still alive and are part of the Legion, serving under Lt. General Mystic on Earth.