Shelter From the Storm


Zachary Taylor is a senior in Moonglow Lyceum, also known as Moonglow High.  He is smart, very smart, but he is reserved, untrusting, and shy.  Keeps to himself a lot. He has a mother, Eleanor, and a father, Andrew, as well as two younger siblings: Henry and Andrea.  Andrew Taylor is a Master Keeper at Moonglow’s famous Zoo and Eleanor tends to the family’s small farm.

Often times, he comes to class with red eyes like he’s been crying and more recently he’s come to class with a black eye.  A few of the kids started to make fun of him in the Lyceum’s courtyard.  One of the kids dared to slap him in the back of the head pushing his head forward into his locker, so Zachary unleashed all his holy hell upon the kids that were poking fun at him.  He beat them 3 to 1.  Mrs. Merida Razele broke it up.  Sent the other three home and gave Zachary detention.

During detention, she probed him trying to find out what is really happening.  She knew the bruises on him were not from the kids that fought him, but had already been there.  Zachary stayed silent.  He kept to himself, despite her many questions.  Finally, she gave him an address to keep handy if he ever needs help. Her home address, 4 Lair’s Circle, West Umbra.  He tucked the address into his book, but said nothing and just waited out his detention.

After detention, unbeknownst to young Zachary, Emiko Watanabe followed the boy at the direction of her sire.  What she would find out about him and his family would be disturbing.


Save poor Zachary’s family and keep them safe.


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